What You Should Let Your Reno Team Know About Before Construction

What You Should Let Your Reno Team Know About Before Construction

No matter what, a construction/renovation team will always be there to provide you with the right expertise and skills to bring your next dream home/building to life. Even so, there are a few things you should let your reno team know about before beginning any project, big or small. Communication is key with nearly every project regardless of its type, and home renovations are no exception to this rule. Below, our team at iRemodel has listed a few of the things you should let your renovation team know about before beginning a full home renovation

What Is the Full Scope of This Project?

A lot of clients prefer going through a project in parts/sections. While there is nothing inherently wrong with this type of plan, this type of project type can lead to unwanted additions and renovations on the team’s end of things. If you decide you want your project to be broken down into bits, this is totally fine but be sure to let your renovation team know about these sections in full from the first part to the very last so there are no unexpected surprises along the way. Making a team aware of the full scope of your project (AKA the bigger picture), you can come to a better understanding and, in turn, create a more accurate and beneficial result. 

What is The Long-Term Vision For Your Place?

When a team renovates a home/building, they will want to know about your decisions with this place long-term. This means asking questions such as “How long will you be living in this space?” and “Is this a renovation designed to sell your home or add convenience to a home you want to continue living in?”. Long-term goals truly help us figure out what exactly needs to be done with an area and what parts we can skip out on or, alternatively, focus more on.

What is Your Budget?

This may seem like an obvious point, but too many people provide a team with a general budget and no specifics, or sometimes no budget at all! Regardless of how much money you have saved for this type of project, you should always specify a budget so you don’t come across any surprises once the project is all said and done. It is also important to always leave an extra few hundred dollars for any emergency add ons in case something needs to be completed at the last minute that you may have forgotten about/didn’t realize you needed in the moment. Budgets should be as detailed as possible, so both you and the team can know exactly what you’re getting into and what to expect- minimizing the stress on both ends.

Let Our Renovation Team Help

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