How To Add Value to Your Condo with A Renovation

How To Add Value to Your Condo with A Renovation

There are many renovations and upgrades you can do to add value to your property. Some of the most common condo renos include things like an open-concept kitchen, luxury bathroom, painting, and walk-in closets. Even though these are good to have, there are other renovations that will give you more return on your investment. Our team at iRemodel Home Renovations is going to go over some condo renovations you will want to consider that will add value and are budget friendly.  

Take Out the Carpet 

First and foremost, fully carpeted rooms are a thing of the past. If you have any carpet left in your condo, rip it out immediately. This simple task will instantly make your condo more appealing and completely change the look of it. Buyers have been known to turn down a condo simply because there is carpet and it looks ugly. Your best option is to install hardwood floors, laminate, or vinyl. This will give it a more luxurious quality, look, and feel that buyers love.   

Replace Cabinet Hardware 

A complete kitchen renovation is quite the undertaking. To make things easier, while still giving it a fresh look, changing the cabinet handles is a quick, easy, and cost-effective alternative. For a newer edge, use stainless steel handles and pulls to instantly revitalize your kitchen. When your kitchen looks nice, potential buyers have confidence that it is well looked after and they won’t need to update anything major.  

Change The Lighting 

Chang out and dull, broken, dingy, or old light fixtures to breathe new life and light into your condo. You want all your spaces to be nice and light as it is appealing to buyers. Clean and modern light fixtures have the ability to make your condo appear spacious, well maintained, and beautiful.  


If you want to create a modern look, make sure your walls are neutral tones, such as beige or white. Buyers love these walls, plus these colours make the rooms look bigger. Not to mention that this is a quick and easy project to undertake yourself, if you wanted to. This simple solution of changing the look of your condo actually has a significant impact on its value. We also recommend that you use the same palette but paint the baseboards and trim with an alternative colour. This is something a potential buyer will notice.  

Bathroom Upgrades 

Adding value to your condo is as easy as changing the faucets, toilet, and shower head. Just doing this can sway a potential buyer into purchasing your condo. A fresh modern look is never a bad idea. A beautiful and inspiring bathroom goes a long way. All you need is these minor changes to have a big impact when selling your condo.  

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