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Owning a home is one of the most important financial and sentimental assets that one can own. Beyond building a reliable base financially, you’ll want to have a home that matches your lifestyle and what you’ve always dreamed of. When you work with the iRemodel Home Renovations, you’re going to be getting a job that 100% meets expectations and even exceeds them.

Home renovation and Improvement is a fantastic fit for those that want to increase the resale value, as well as create a cozy home filled to the brim with memories.

Utilizing unique renovation techniques is just one of the ways the iRemodel has been able to set their work apart from the rest. From the quality of the build to how we treat our customers, we make sure that no one is unhappy at the end of the project.

We believe that there is absolutely no substitute for hard work. The final product isn’t about what we want, it’s about what you want, with a little help of our guidance and knowledge in the field.

Luxury Custom Home Renovation Project


We are focused on providing our clients with the design and remodeling that they want for their home renovation in Greater Toronto Area (GTA).


Your Lifestyle, Your Home, Your Memories: Custom Home Renovation

Taking on the challenge of a renovation may seem daunting and scary but think of it from a positive angle will allow you to rest a little easier: Instead of thinking it’s a huge project, you’re able to customize your dream home and have someone else do the work for you. Sure, things may come up, but it’s our job to reduce the headaches you may have gotten if you were to do it on your own.

Hiring the iRemodel Home Renovation contractor means you’re able to utilize professionals and specialists for every aspect of creating your dream home. We are licensed and able to take on everything from the design aspect to the electrical, to a complete gut renovation. Never worry about a project again.

There are no shortcuts that are acceptable when renovating a home. Sure, you want it to look great and you want to do it on your budget, but safety and following codes are our top priority. We will work with what you want, and make sure it gets done right.

Being a general contractor in Toronto that has high regards for safety, we have valid liability insurance and are under proper WISB. In doing so, it’s our primary goal to not only keep our contractors safe, but to keep you safe. We don’t just employ anyone off of the street either; our contractors have a proven track records with exceptional performances. With our advanced techniques, you’ll be able to receive help in the following areas:

Design & build, House & Condo Remodeling, Bathroom remodeling, Basement restoration and renovation, Home additions, Kitchen Renovation

If you’re looking for an insured, professional service with a proven track record of exceptional quality, iRemodel is the company you’ve been looking for.



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