Luxury Custom Built House TorontoWhen it comes to building your dream home, hiring a company that has the experience and the know-how is critical. iRemodel Home Renovations has been serving the Toronto area for decades, creating custom-built homes from the bottom up. Our goal is for our clients to have a home that is safe, aesthetically pleasing, and effective for their lifestyle. Instead of buying a cookie-cutter home and wasting money on renovations, consider a custom-built home instead.

How Our Service Works

Our company a highly skilled team made up of designers, architects, and builders. This team of professionals will treat your custom home project with the dedication and respect it deserves. From concept to the laying the final brick, we work with you to create the perfect custom home at a price you can afford.

If you already have a ready design, we are happy to help bring it to fruition. For those who are still in the planning stages, we are happy to patiently guide you through the entire process. Building a custom home is usually a once in a lifetime event, and our dedicated team is here to ensure everything goes smoothly.

High End Built House Design

Custom vs. Pre-Built Homes

Buying an existing home can be easier than building a custom house, but it won’t meet your needs in the same way. While many existing homes may offer some features you desire, or even a location that you prefer, nothing compares to a home that is built specifically for your family. Instead of renovating to increase the number of rooms or make the floor plan more efficient, build your home from the ground up for a perfect fit.

In many ways, building a custom home to fit the needs of your family can be both cost-effective and better use of your time. Renovating not only disrupts your life, but it can also cost much more to change the structure from its current configuration.

Use iRemodel Home Renovations for Your Custom Home

We have several decades of experience in building specialized and custom homes from the ground up. We use proprietary project management software to keep communication open and ensure your projects stay on track. We are dedicated to completing our construction projects on time or ahead of schedule without sacrificing workmanship.

Customer Satisfaction & Full-Service Custom Building

We handle every aspect of your custom home building project so you don’t have to. From drawing up the schematics with the architects and securing the permits, to hand-selecting materials and decorating the home with your custom aesthetic, our project manager will work closely with you to ensure every aspect of your home meets your approval and surpasses your expectations.

We understand that the budget plays a large role in many of the choices homeowners make. Our company has cultivated a reputation for quality craftsmanship paired with affordable pricing that keeps our clients coming back for generations. If you are interested in bringing your custom home design to life, we can help. Give us a call at (416) 825-2542 to set up a no-obligation consultation.

Need a Reliable Custom Home Builder?

iRemodel offers an impressive array of build and construction services in Toronto and surrounding area.

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