Elegant Kitchen Remodeling

Your kitchen is the centre of your home and it needs the design style and the functionality that meets your needs.  We help you to consider the all of the details to bring out the beauty and utility you desire.

Careful planning of your kitchen renovation is required, whether you are in an historic home or you just need an update to a tired old kitchen. We are committed to providing premium quality work for your kitchen.  We have an eye for detail and a commitment to top grade renovations.

At iRemodel located in Toronto, we will help you take your kitchen renovation from concept through to completion with the highest quality at an an affordable cost in the Greater Toronto Area.

Historic Kitchen Remodelling

Classic, Transitional, Modern Kitchen Renovations

Are you living in Toronto (GTA ) and have you been thinking about renovating your kitchen, but you do not want to deal with the hassle and the price? You know your kitchen needs an update or at least a change, but you do not have a clue what to do that will not take months and cost you an arm and a leg. Kitchen cabinet resurfacing is fast, simple, and a very inexpensive way to make your kitchen look just like it is new again. Maybe you should try resurfacing your cabinets to a modern, transitional or classic kitchen. At iRemodel, we have the best designers who can help you pick exactly what you need and they will even order, deliver, and install the new cabinet fronts for you.

Kitchen Renovation
Kitchen Renovation and Wood floor Installation
Kitchen Reno and Cupboard Installation

Here are some most common questions about kitchen renovation:

If you choose IRemodel in Richmond Hill to do your resurfacing, we can have it done within 24 to 48 hours. This does not count the time to order and wait for the cabinet fronts to come, though. Waiting for the cabinet fronts is the longest part and this time will vary depending on what style you choose and its availability. However, we will only be in your kitchen for one or two days removing the old cabinet fronts and installing the new ones so, you will not have to go without your kitchen and cook in the dining room on a hot plate for two weeks.

There are many styles of cabinet fronts to choose from. It depends on the style of your kitchen and what you like. As a matter of fact, by changing the style of your cabinets you pretty much change the style of your kitchen. The three most common styles of kitchen cabinets are modern, traditional, and vintage. IRemodel in Richmond Hill can provide cabinet fronts in those and many more (i.e. contemporary, laminate, country). Antique white is a good choice for any kitchen because it goes with any style and makes the kitchen look large and spacious. European style lacquered cabinets in bold colors are great for a more modern kitchen. Glass front cabinets with light yellow or country blue frames are an excellent choice for a country kitchen.

Do your cabinets look old, damaged, or worn out? Is the rest of your kitchen in pretty good condition? If your floors, furniture, countertops, and lighting look pretty good and you are on a tight budget, resurfacing your cabinets are perfect for you. At IRemodel in Toronto, we have designers who can sit down with you and provide you with a plan of action that will make your kitchen look exactly as you want it to for the price that you want. Resurfacing just includes removing your old drawer fronts and cabinet doors and replacing them with new ones. Easy, cheap, and fast. If you have any more questions about cabinet resurfacing or any other service, you can call IRemodel at (416) 825-2542 right now to set an appointment.

Enlarged Kitchens

If you are want a bigger kitchen, we can help.  We have experience in expanding kitchen areas to multiple rooms.  Removing walls.  Providing support beams to replace any necessary support from the removal of any walls.

We can replace your flooring and line up any cabinetry to give a seamless look to your expanded Kitchen.

Support Beam in Kitchen Renovation
Full Kitchen Remodelling and Renovation
Kitchen Cupboards Installation

Kitchen Cupboard Installation

iRemodel has the craftsmanship experience and the attention to detail to bring you the look you want in your kitchen with your kitchen cupboard renovation project.

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Get The Kitchen You’ve Been Dreaming Of

iRemodel Home Renovations offers an impressive array of renovation services for projects of every size and style. We are also happy to work with you to build your desired space from the ground up to your needs.

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