How to Add Value to Your Home

How to Add Value to Your Home

There are a number of amazing benefits that come with adding value to your home. Not only does this upgrade benefit your overall comfort and satisfaction with your home, but it also increases the overall value of your space if you ever decide to sell. There are a few ways to go about this- one of them being a home renovation. Here at iRemodel Home Renovations, we want to help and provide you with advice on how to add the most value to your home.  

Boost Your Landscapes Aesthetics 

The outside/exterior of your home has a big effect on how future buyers will see it. In order to make your home’s landscape look its best, you can do so by adding outdoor furniture, some beautiful plants, pebbles or mulch. These upgrades may seem small in scale, but they can make the difference between a valuable home and an empty, bland home. When you take the time to decorate the front/side yard of your home, you’re leaving people with a great first impression when they pull into your driveway, regardless of who they are. 

Smart Tech Always Helps 

When talking about increasing value, you want to simultaneously maximize convenience. In some cases, this can mean upgrading your space with smart tech. Smart home technology brings your home and its capabilities to the next level, and these sorts of features are extremely appealing to potential homeowners. Things such as thermostats, controlled and timed lights, security and music are just a few of the many things smart home technology can provide. Not only is this an upgrade for whoever buys your home, but while you still own your home this is a worthwhile investment as it boosts the convenience and ease of going about your home and your daily activities.  

Complete Your Basement 

Are you living in a home with a basement but it’s unfinished? If so, this space has HUGE potential as this feature on its own adds incredible value if you decide to sell (we’re talking tens of thousands of dollars in certain situations!). Even better, this space can be renovated in a number of different ways to add value. Whether you’re looking to upgrade this area into a personal gym, a bar/billiards area, an entertainment room or an extra bedroom/bathroom/kitchenette space, the possibilities are truly endless and future homebuyers will be turning heads.  

Repaint Your Walls 

This may be hard to believe, but a simple fresh coat of paint can really lighten up your rooms and add that new/modern touch that your house has been needing. The good thing about this tip is that you can choose all the right colours and shades to open up/close in a room, as well as match your home’s décor/overall design. On the surface, this advice may have just seemed like a simple upgrade, but now it has become one that can drastically improve the look and feel of your home.  

Hire Our Renovation Company Today 

As beneficial as these tips are, it is always recommended that you have a renovation company step in when you want your home to max out in value. Here at iRemodel, we offer a number of different home improvement services, so you can find the right work for your home and bring it to its maximum potential. To learn more about how to start a home renovation in Toronto with our team, be sure to call us at (416) 825-2542 today!