When and Why Not to DIY Home Renovations

When and Why Not to DIY Home Renovations

There are going to be certain times when you will stop to ask yourself if you could do a home renovation project yourself or not. Sometimes you can make a decision based on how much work is going to be involved. Lots of people choose to DIY in order to save money, along with the bragging rights to say they did it on their own as opposed to hiring a professional. However, it is usually better to go with a professional renovation company, who knows exactly what they are doing. This way you can avoid disaster from a DIY gone wrong.  Our team here at iRemodel Home Renovations is going to discuss when DIY is a good idea and when it is not.  

When To Draw the Line 

Knowing when doing DIY is a good idea or not is the first step you need to know. A good line not to cross is if you require things like plumbing or electrical work. Usually if something requires prior and extensive knowledge, it’s best left to the professionals who have this expertise. Anything that could be considered moderately dangerous is another line not to cross. You have to stop and ask yourself ‘is it worth taking the change and getting hurt?’ 

Since a house is your biggest investment you will make in your life, you want to make sure you are adding to this investment and not just sticking up for your pride. Getting professional work done adds value, whereas a DIY job might actually lower the value. If you are evaluating the difficulty of a project, most times when you think it will be tricky, it is. Why make more work for yourself when you can hire a professional who can guarantee the work is done properly the first time?  

Once you have made the decision to hire a professional, your only talk is to find the right one that can do the renovation job you require. This might take a little time but once you find the right company, you will get the results you want.  

When To Hire Professionals 


The initial concept might seem like an easy enough job to do on your own. But if you attempt to install windows on your own, you will quickly find out that without the expertise or knowledge, it might not turn out. All professionals have the adequate knowledge and skills necessary to get these jobs done quickly and efficiently, the first time around.  

Taking Down or Putting Up Walls 

All homes have a load-bearing wall, which is a vital aspect of the overall structure. This is the one and only wall in a home that should never, ever be tampered, touched, or compromised under any circumstances. If you ever need this wall fixed, you most certainly need to call a structural engineer to help. They can assess and make recommendations for the best possible solutions.  

Any Electrical Work 

Unless you are an electrician, you should never attempt to do any electrical work. There are certain safety standards required by law and a licensed electrician will know exactly what to do and how to do it safely. Eventually, wires wear out and this can be dangerous since they then get overheated, overworked, and have too much power going through them. If this is the case, it is vitally important to call a licensed professional in order to fix the problem. There is a real danger of electrocution and starting a fire. It’s not worth the risk to try and attempt to do this on your own.  

Unfinished Basements 

If you have an unfinished basement, finishing it requires numerous service professionals. This can include people like framers, drywall installers/murders, electricians, flooring guys, and a painter to finish everything off. Most people will not be able to do all of these necessary things to complete a basement renovation. In order to have the most successful renovation possible, various specialists are going to be required.  

How We Can Help  

We know that saving money is a priority for most people. Which is why DIY’s seem like a good idea. But there are certain times when it is necessary to spend some cash in order to get a job done safely, correctly, and properly the first time. Our team here at iRemodel Home Renovations is here to help you! No matter if you have a big or small project, we can help you with your next home Renovation in Toronto! Give us a call today at (416) 825-2542 if you are interested in our amazing services!