5 Important Tips for Designing Your Dream Kitchen

5 Important Tips for Designing Your Dream Kitchen

When you imagine your dream kitchen, how do you picture it? Whether you wish to have captivating lighting or top-tier appliances, our team at iRemodel Home Renovations is here today to provide a guideline that can help you plan it all out. While lighting and appliances are important, so are functionality and storage. If you would like to conduct a successful Kitchen Renovation in Toronto, check out these design tips listed below to help you build your dream kitchen. 

Make it Functional

What makes a kitchen functional for your family? Is it… 

  • Lots of counter space to cook and prepare food? 
  • Enough seating options to host guests and family events? 
  • Incorporating quality appliances to match your cook level? 

Whether you have intentions to cook up a storm or play the role of a gracious host to guests, both choices will result in a kitchen design that has been built to fulfill a specific purpose. To choose an optimal kitchen layout that caters to your family’s needs, begin by thinking about what a functional kitchen looks like for you. 

Incorporate the “Kitchen Work Triangle”

When it comes to productivity and efficiency in a kitchen, all layouts should incorporate the “Kitchen Work Triangle”. This philosophy includes: 

  • The fridge 
  • The stove 
  • The sink 

Essentially, to maximize kitchen space, these three work areas should be no more than 5 feet apart. Not only will this make food prep and cooking easier, but it will help avoid accidents in the kitchen. Be sure to carefully plan the layout of these three spaces during a kitchen renovation. 

Maximize Storage 

Designing a kitchen space that is modern and minimalistic is delightful, but our team wants to ensure that you remember to implement storage in your kitchen space. Without the proper planning for shelves and drawers, your kitchen will quickly run into functionality problems. 

Upgrade the Lighting

A kitchen renovation allows you to upgrade your space’s lighting. Choose to incorporate: 

  • General lighting: This will be your main source of lighting. It includes pot lights or decorative lighting elements. 
  • Task lighting: If you conduct most work on the island or under the counters, consider adding additional lighting elements in the spaces. 
  • Accent lighting: Enhance the mood when entertaining with the WOW factor of accent lighting. For example, install display cabinet lighting. 

Choose Top-Tier Appliances 

How many appliances would you like to include in your space? With many styles and sizes available on today’s market, you can create your dream kitchen with seamless appliances. Opt for built-in appliances or stainless steel options that match each other. 

How We Can Help 

Whether you are looking for a kitchen or full Home Renovation in Toronto, our team at iRemodel Home Renovations is the right team to hire to get the job done. We are a design team that keeps your interests in mind at every step. From layout planning to final touches, we work with you throughout the entire process. Contact our team today at (416) 825-2542.