7 Pet-Friendly Home Renovation Ideas

7 Pet-Friendly Home Renovation Ideas

If you are considering a Home Renovation in Toronto and you have furry companions living with you, our team at iRemodel Home Renovations has a few ideas in mind for you to incorporate! To make your pets comfortable in your home, our team of experts has put together a few concepts tailored for pet-friendly living. Check out these seven ideas to ensure convenience and safety for your pets while at home. 

Be Considerate of Flooring

While you might want to choose hardwood floors for your renovation, our team would vote against it. Hardwood floors can make it slippery for your pets resulting in permanent scratches. Consider installing tile, vinyl, or laminate as a more durable option. 

Improve Safety

Did you know that you can “pet-proof” a home? Consider installing higher railings on the balcony to avoid your furry friend falling over, or install a ramp beside your home if you have older pets living with you. Modern baby gates can also be installed to keep pets out of specific areas. 

Build a Pet Playroom 

If you have the space, install a pet playroom. In this space, you can add plush seating near a window with a view, incorporate paths or tunnels for your pet to play on, or simply make it a space with their bed and essentials. Any toy or feature that your pet loves can be added. 

Incorporate a Feeding Station

To make feeding time easier, consider creating a dedicated feeding station. Whether you wish to install a cut-out into your kitchen island or designate a space within the pantry, creating a feeding station is easy. You can also have a freshwater fountain installed to easily fill up the water bowl. 

Install a Washing Station

Typically for dogs, installing a washing station is an easy way to turn doggy bath time into a stress-free affair. In this space, you can install a handheld shower head and organize your pet grooming accessories. Opt for slip-resistant flooring and a safety harness to ensure safety. 

Opt for a Secure & Fun Backyard

When it comes to the exterior of the home renovation, consider creating a backyard space that will keep your pet safe. Install a small fenced-in area to keep the pet in a designated space or install a pet house to keep your pet entertained throughout all hours of the day. 

Design a Pet Mudroom

After you take the dog for a walk around the neighbourhood, it’s convenient to have a pet mudroom into or wipe them off upon return. Consider installing a bench with storage shelves or drawers to keep products like wipes or towels and install hooks above for leashes and jackets. 

How We Can Help

iRemodel Home Renovations is a home builder in Toronto and we too are pet lovers. To help make your home pet friendly, we have tons of recommendations and ideas that can suit your pet’s situation. If you would like to hire a trusted and reliable team that can make your home functional to meet your needs, contact our team at (416) 825-2542.