Home Renovation: Things To Ask Beforehand

Home Renovation: Things To Ask Beforehand

Projects like a home renovation is a great way to change the look and layout of your home without having to do something as drastic as moving. In this market, moving has become incredibly difficult and home renovations are the perfect alternative when you need a change of scenery.  

If you’ve been wanting to start a renovation but are not entirely sure how to get started, we want to talk about some important things to ask before jumping into a project like this. After all, a home renovation is a pretty impactful project that involves a lot of moving parts. Luckily our team at iRemodel is here to help with the advice presented below. 

What Is My Budget? 

One of (if not the most important) factors to consider is that of cost & budget. While renovations are almost always cheaper than moving out, they still come with quite the price tag if you don’t plan your budget out properly. This means keeping track of every expense made during this project, and having a general limit for each aspect of the project. Need certain materials for your kitchen? Set a cost limit (budget) for it. Also be sure to have a total budget limit and an emergency fund on the side with a few hundred dollars. This way, if any delays or emergencies do take place and you need to spend a little extra money you already have it stashed away. 

Is a Renovation Worth It? 

Another question to ask is whether or not the renovation is going to really be worth it. If you own an old home, will the renovations work to fix all of the issues you have with your home? If not and your home is too outdated and worn down to truly be fixed with a renovation, then it may be a good idea to pass on it. If you have big ideas for your renovation, consider whether or not the project will fulfil all of those big dreams as well. If you feel like it is too large of a project and moving is the better solution, maybe this isn’t the project to be starting. 

What Materials Do You Like? 

One of the most common things used in projects like renovations are materials like wood, marble, metal, etc. Materials, just like paint colours and lighting, add certain moods to a home and its rooms. They are a key component to every renovation and they add colour, vibrancy, depth and style to a space. In many cases, materials used in a renovation tie the entire room together.  

Because of this, you will want to keep an eye on materials you love. If you’re going for a more rustic, classic look for your home, wood and earthy materials like bamboo are great for your project. If you want something more modern and minimalist, materials like glass and metal are ideal. Always be sure to keep track of the materials you like and purchase them for your project when needed, as they will create a uniform beauty across the home. 

Let Us Help 

When you are ready to begin your home renovation and have made sure you’ve asked all the right questions before making your final decision, consider working with our team at iRemodel. With years of experience working on home renovations of all kinds, we have just the services for you and your project. To learn more about how to start a home renovation in Toronto with us, be sure to call our team at (416) 825-2542 today.