Why Are Third Storey Home Additions So Costly?

Why Are Third Storey Home Additions So Costly?

A lot of people desire home additions — and for good reason! These additions add value to your home, increase the potential for storage or extra rooms, and give your home the opportunity to shine in the aspect of design. When it comes to third storey additions, however, prices can add up and this addition can be much more expensive than the others. Why is this the case? Here at iRemodel Home Renovations, we would like to answer that question in as much detail as possible.  


The main reason as to why third storey home additions are expensive always has to do with height. As the height of the building grows, the work that is required to move equipment and materials to and from this level becomes extremely tasking. This heavy workload equates to more money overall, and that’s without even mentioning the extra scaffolding, ladders and equipment lifts needed for this kind of job. 

On top of all of the reasons mentioned above, the existing roof also needs to be taken down as well, and this is a lot more hard work than other projects require. This procedure can not only be complicated, but dangerous as well. The more risky the job, the more money it will be.  

Space Problems 

A large majority of third storey home additions are built onto residential areas where houses are closely packed together in a densely populated area. Why is this the case, you ask? Because with this limited amount of space, there is no option to add onto your home from the side — you can only build up.  

When a third storey home addition is built onto a lot that is close to other homes, it can be an extremely difficult job to perform. A whole set of issues come into play when this project is done on a more densely packed lot, because there is not as much space to place materials, waste or park vehicles. The lack of space makes it very difficult for a team to work effectively because certain things can not be put in the most convenient spots in and around the home. 

Technical Issues 

Connections to heating, water and electrical systems need to be pushed upward to service the third storey of your home, and this task in and of itself is hard work. Connecting these systems up to a higher floor on the home can cause disconnections or weak connections to other parts of the home. Repairs to drywall/paint will need to be made, and sometimes even the floor. 

Due to the sheer amount of effort that goes into supplying a third level with all of these machines, wiring and systems, the price will inevitably go up and be more expensive.  

How Our Team Can Help 

Even with all of these difficult endeavours, our team at iRemodel Home Renovations can help you receive the third storey home addition you need. With some of the most experienced contractors in the field, our team will work hard and implement all the necessary skills to see your next home addition through to the very end. Choose the right home builders for the job— choose our team today.  

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