Finding The Right Colour Palette For Your Renovation

Finding The Right Colour Palette For Your Renovation

One of the most important and exciting endeavours when designing a space and undergoing a home renovation is choosing the colour. Due to the wide number of options to choose from, this choice can give you the freedom to express part of who you are and use colours that align with your personality. As tempting as it is to simply choose your favourite colour and get on with it, choosing the right colours for your space is important. When you are trying to find the right colour palette, it can be even more complicated than you think.

If you are having a hard time deciding on which colour palette will work best for your space, we here at iRemodel Home Renovations have come up with some pointers on how to choose the right one.

Reflect on Previous Choices

Most people don’t like looking at their past mistakes, but doing so can help you figure out what you did wrong and how to avoid it next time around. If you ever disliked/decided to change a colour palette in a room, why did you do it? What exactly did you not like about it? Ask yourself questions such as:

  • Were the colours I chose too light or too dark?
  • Did the colours match the room and compliment it nicely?
  • Were the colours too bold in colour, or too plain and muted?

When you answer all of these questions, you can get a better idea of what you might want for your next colour palette. 

The Three Main Colour Methods

In general, there are three approaches that you can go with when it comes to choosing a base idea for a colour palette. These methods are:

  • Monochrome: Find one colour you really like and choose different shades of that same colour to be your secondary/accent colours
  • Complementary: When you’ve found a colour you want to use, find its opposite on the colour wheel and use both of them to create an impactful contrast
  • Analogous: If you are looking for a milder contrast that is not as strong, choose colours that are next to one another on the colour wheel.

Using a Black & White Colour Scheme

White, black & grey are always great neutral colours to choose for your next renovation, as they match pretty much every colour & in turn complement the room quite well. They can also add light or darkness to your space in certain situations. If you want your space to look smaller, a darker grey is recommended, and if you want your room to look larger than it is, a shade of white is the way to go!

Hire an Interior Designer Today

If this advice isn’t enough to help you decide on a colour palette for your next renovation, let the experts at our company help. When you work with our staff at iRemodel Home Renovations, you are provided with beautiful end results and a home you can truly be proud of. We work hard to see your dream designs through, and will be there to help you make choices every step of the way. If you’re in need of a home renovation in Toronto, be sure to call us at (416) 825-2542 today.