In-Law Apartments with Functional Kitchen

In-Law Apartments with Functional Kitchen

It may become necessary to think about future living arrangements as parents or grandparents grow older. In-law apartments are becoming a popular way to give aging parents a safe place to live while allowing them their independence. Kitchen is one on the most important areas in an In-law apartment and it should be taken into consideration.

Make sure it is Legal

If you are thinking about creating an in-law apartment, there are some things to keep in mind before you begin. The first thing you need to do is be certain it is legal. You may be required to get a zoning permit. Your local zoning office will be able to provide you with the necessary information in your area to make sure your plans comply with local laws.

Provide Privacy

Both you and your aging family members will appreciate the importance of privacy. An in-law apartment should help your parent or grandparent to continue to feel independent. An area that provides a separate entrance, private bathroom, and a small functional kitchen or kitchenette will help provide a feeling of privacy and independence.

Safety Features

There are certain safety features you should keep in mind while planning an in-law apartment. Whenever possible provide a single floor living area preferably on a first floor. Ramps prevent falls on stairs. Installing an intercom system will help your aging family member request help and help you to feel confident your loved one is safe. Grab bars and other safety support features will help to ensure their safely navigating through their home. And of course you must plan the installation of fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide detectors.

Functional Kitchen Design and Renovation

To help aging family members be independent it is important to make sure the kitchen space is handicap accessible to ensure they will be able to continue feeling independent if mobility becomes an issue in the future.

To help make the kitchen more accessible, don’t plan a kitchen with a huge island in the center of the room. Placing appliances and counter space on one wall or in a corner space will provide accessibility without limiting mobility within the space.

Depending on available space you might consider a kitchenette that includes a sink, refrigerator, microwave and small appliances. In some areas zoning regulations may prohibit two full kitchens at an address. Typically a full kitchen is considered one with a cook-top stove. Installing a kitchenette will usually be permitted when a second full kitchen is not.

When choosing appliances and features you will want to maximize the available space. Apartment size appliances and furnishing is one way to help you get the necessary conveniences while maximizing the available space.

At some time in the future you may be looking for other uses for this living space. In the future it could be used as a rental apartment. To provide the most pleasant living accommodations for family now and possible renters in the future, you will want to create the best living space within your budget for the small space.

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