Natural Metal Fixtures will Warm up your Bathroom

Natural Metal Fixtures will Warm up your Bathroom

A highly fashionable trend for bathrooms is the use of natural metal. Offering warmth to the room without being overbearing, natural metal fixtures will give your bathroom a unique look and a clean and natural ambiance.

A Touch of Elegance

Whether you add a natural metal door knob, faucet, showerhead, toilet paper holder, basket, or light fixture your bathroom will have an elegant contemporary look.

Adding a gold faucet, showerhead, or toilet paper holder will make your bathroom look stylish. When adding the warmth of gold along with materials and textures that give the room an inviting feel.

Reminiscent of a Spanish style home, using copper for your showerhead, faucets, or other fixture along with stucco, a neutral pink tile will make your bathroom feel like it is from a different time period with all of the amenities of today.

Antique or salvaged metal baskets are a fun way to add style and convenience to your bathroom. The metal will contrast and balance with the soft textures of your towels, shower curtain, and wall coverings.

Lose the plastic toilet paper holders found in your typical bathroom and replace it with one made of gold, copper, bronze, or any other type of natural metal you prefer. Choose a toilet paper hold that is attached to the wall or a free-standing style to make it your own. And if you are a renter, a free-standing holder can move with you. A simple toilet paper holder can add a touch of class and refinement to the bathroom.

Light fixtures are another way to add the warmth of natural metal to your room. Whether you choose natural metal wall sconces or overhead fixtures will add an elegant touch and the warmth you want in the room.

Brass door knobs are a beautiful touch and unlacquered brass will darken with age giving the room a warm feeling that is elegant at the same time. This one of a kind look will give your bathroom a fun vintage feel that you and your guests will enjoy for years to come.


No matter what type of natural metal you choose it will give your bathroom the warmth you crave and the timeless elegance you desire.

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