Before Your Kitchen Remodel: Questions to Ask the Contractor

Before Your Kitchen Remodel: Questions to Ask the Contractor

A kitchen remodel is a good investment and is at the top of many home owners wish lists. You will want to make sure the contractors who place bids on the job have the qualifications you are looking for before choosing a contractor. While the cost of the job is important it should not be the determining factor when hiring a contractor.

Before interviewing any contractors, ask family and friends for recommendations for contractors who have successfully completed remodel projects for them. Unless you are planning to work with a contractor whose work you are familiar with, it is important to interview at least three contractors and get written job estimates that include detailed information. The estimate should include a schedule for job completion, a breakdown of costs for materials and labor, and what if any guarantee the contractor provides on the work. Make sure all contractors are placing bids on the same job specifications so you can accurately compare estimates.

Asking bidding contractors these simple questions can mean the difference between a kitchen you love and a remodel disaster.

  1. What do you include in your estimate?

You will want to receive an estimate that contains an itemized breakdown of the cost to make sure what you will be charged for and to be sure the contractor isn’t overcharging for the job.

  1. Does the estimate include all charges?

Make sure the estimate includes the cost for all aspects of the job. This includes demolition, debris removal, painting, and other job related responsibilities. This will make sure that you don’t receive a bill with surprise charges when the job is complete.

  1. Can I get references and see a current jobsite?

If you or someone you know has not worked with the contractor, ask the contractor for a list of references. Contact the references and ask if the contractor completed the job on schedule, within budget, did the contractor communicate with them during the job, and would they hire the contractor again. Remember the contractor is giving you the list of references, be sure to ask friends, family, and acquaintances if they have any experience with the contractor and his/her work to get an unbiased opinion.

If possible visit a current jobsite to see the work first hand.

  1. Is the contractor is insured?

Ask the contractor if he is licensed, bonded, and insured. This may help you to recoup costs if the contractor doesn’t complete the job or if the work is not done properly.

  1. Is there a warranty on the work?

A written warranty helps to protects against low quality materials being used and inferior workmanship.

  1. How do you keep my home secure during the project?

During the remodel you will likely have multiple people in and out of your house. Ask to meet the people that will be working in your home, this is especially important if you have children and/or pets. Ask who will be responsible for making sure the house is secured at the end of the work day if no one is home. Ask how material will be stored during the project.

  1. What suppliers does the contractor work with?

Ask the contractor who will supply the material used in your remodel so you can do some research about the quality of the material the supplier handles and if the supplier carries the exact cabinets you want, if there is a warranty on the materials, and if the supplier is reliable.

  1. What is the timeline for the Project?

Get a time frame for the job and an expected completion date in writing. Every day the project goes beyond the expected completion date is inconvenient. Ask if the contractor provides discounts if the job isn’t completed on time.

The kitchen is often the heart of the family home. A kitchen remodel can make the time spent in the room more enjoyable but it can also be stressful and cause a disruption that can last weeks or even months. Choosing a contractor that keeps the project on schedule and within the budget will alleviate the stress. And the remodel will add value to your home.

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