Inspire the Feel of your Kitchen with a Scandinavian Design

Inspire the Feel of your Kitchen with a Scandinavian Design

What is Scandinavian design? It is a design movement that began in the 1930s and emerged as a trend in the 1950s in the Nordic countries of Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, and Finland. Scandinavian design is described as being minimalist and functional. It is characterized by simple clean lines and using only what is needed. Following these easy Scandinavian design inspired tips will give your kitchen a cozy feeling.

Open up your space

Expanding the look of the space in your kitchen is easy. Be a minimalist and clean out unnecessary clutter. Choose cabinetry and furnishings that have clean lines to give the room an open feeling that is functional and comfortable. Shelving is often open and cabinet doors will not have handles or knobs. To keep the open feeling choose light fixtures that have simple lines adding light without creating visual clutter.

Use cool colors and muted tones

Cool colors with muted tones are soothing and will make the room appear larger. Cool colors and muted tones give the room a light feeling even on the dreariest day.  Use accent colors to give the room character. Choose art, cushions, rugs, and pottery in bright hues to add texture and infuse a comfortable feel to the room.

Use Natural Elements

Most Scandinavians love the outdoors and use elements of nature in their designs. The use of wood is a fundamental feature used in Scandinavian design. Wood, especially ash, beech, and pine is the favored choice for flooring and furnishings. Wood is usually finished with light colored stains and varnishes to keep the open feel of the room. Potted plants are used to help bring the feel of nature into the space.

Less is more

Keep kitchen accessories and knick knacks to a minimum. Choose kitchen items and gadgets that you will use and that are well made. Upfront costs may be a little more but over time will save money. Purchase natural items and look for one of a kind, homemade items for your kitchen that will add your personality to the room.


Textiles are used sparingly in Scandinavian design. Accessories such as a colorful rug are used to add a dramatic impact to the room. Window treatments are used sparingly and if used are usually made of sheer fabrics to keep the room feeling light and airy. Choose accent pieces such as placemats, napkins, and cushions made of natural fabrics such as wool or cotton.

The principles of this kitchen design are used to achieve the ideal of the Swedish word “lagom” which means just the right amount. The kitchen is often the heart of the home for Scandinavians where family and friends gather to live the Danish dream of “hygge” or enjoy the simple pleasures in life: family, friends, and contentment.

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