Top 7 Modern Floating Vanity Solutions for Small Bathrooms

Top 7 Modern Floating Vanity Solutions for Small Bathrooms

With a more drastic move to small or tiny homes, the issue of having small bathrooms continue to grow. As such, Floating Vanities have become more of a necessity than a choice. Its floating nature allows for easy access to cleaning and allows a more open ambience to a cramped space. With its diversity and spacious feel, this is ideal for those tiny bathrooms that need a more compact solution to its space problems while keeping a modern style. With these floating vanities, a small bathroom is not deprived of its convenience or its comfort. Below, we will look at 7 of the best Vanities in today’s time. At iRemodel we can provide you with all of these vanities for your bathroom renovation project.

Modus Wall Mounted Double Bathroom Vanity

modus wall mounted double bathroom vanity

This vanity is a sleek and modern twist to a family household necessity. Its double vanities provide maximum usage while adding to the modern elegance with its dark and light contrast. Its centre section of sliding drawers also adds the finishing touch for an obvious fully functional vanity for any small bathroom.

Corsica Single Bath Vanity

corsica single bath vanityThis piece is an all inclusive vanity in a small package. With its side cabinet and available counter space, it has all the features of a bathroom vanity without occupying a large space. It also contributes to the modern style with its crisp white sink basin and its contrasting dark cabinets.

Artemis Single Vessel Sink Vanity

artemis single vessel sink vanityWith this Single Sink Vanity, the function and style of a small bathroom is never missed as this piece is fully functional in practically all bathrooms from a powder room to a small master bathroom. It also provides a fresh clean look that makes any space look open while contributing to its modern charm. Together with its chrome bars, the frosted look adds to the layered ambience of any bathroom while providing an extra function as a towel bar.

Alto Single Bath Vanity

alto single bath vanityThis simple, yet elegant piece is the perfect fit for any small bathroom. With its storage abilities, it easily consolidates any bathroom items in one area, thus keeping a clean and spacious feel.

Amare Single Bath Vanity

amare single bath vanityThis single vanity sets a modern look in motion with its chrome finish and uses its simple design to have a greater impact in a modern way. Its smooth sliding, spacious drawers also facilitate a large and easy storage capacity while allowing easy organization to a small space.

Ordinato Corner Single Bath Vanity

ordinato corner single bath vanityWith its creative design, this vanity is designated for small space solutions. Its unique and modern corner style makes it easy to fit into any corner of the bathroom while allowing a clean and fresh finish.

Estrella Double Bathroom Wall Mounted Vanity

estrella double bathroom wall mounted vanityThis double vanity is a unique and modern piece that satisfies the need for long durability and small storage space as it is made with solid oak. It also features maximum storage with two side cabinets, a centre draw and an open shelf.