Why You Will Likely Need A Building Permit

Why You Will Likely Need A Building Permit

When you make big plans to start a custom built home, a lot of planning will have to go into motion. There are a lot of questions that may be unanswered until construction begins, but one factor that must be taken care of beforehand is obtaining a building permit. In rare cases where you are building in a remote area, you are not obligated to get a building permit, since building codes will most likely not be enforced in these areas. In every other case it is necessary, so being aware of the ins and outs of building permits is important. Luckily, our team here at iRemodel Home Renovations has come up with everything you need to know. 

The First Steps

The overall process of obtaining a building permit can be difficult. Depending on where you live, the outcome and overall experience will vary. The very first thing to take care of is having a code enforcement officer come to review the sketches to confirm that all of the plans comply with the rules and regulations. This will come with a cost, so in order to be prepared beforehand, check with your local municipal office to see how much that will be. 

If your plan ends up getting approved, your municipality will give you a permit. This will now allow you to work through the construction process.

Getting Approved

If you are making changes to a building that has already been built, or undergoing an addition, the approval process will more than likely be processed quite quickly. It is the ones that are more complex in nature that tend to take longer when it comes to processing. 

Building plans that do not comply with the code set in your region will not be approved until the changes that need to be done are made. On the chance that your proposal gets denied, they will explain exactly why it was not approved. This gives you ample time to solve the problem and try again.

During a specific time in the phase of construction, an inspection must take place. The stage at when this inspection is done entirely depends on the type of building. The building code will let you know when the inspection will take place based on the type of building. Once your construction process reaches this point in time, you will have to get in touch with the municipality to plan an inspection.

Why Is A Permit Necessary?

There are a variety of reasons as to why getting one is important. First and foremost, they ensure that the work being done is 100% safe. When your plans are inspected by an official, any possible hiccups and flaws that could cause safety problems are looked into and addressed. This includes problems within both electrical wiring and plumbing.

Certain municipalities encourage people to use more energy efficient methods that are better for the planet. In addition, permits can help keep the rate of growth at bay. This is crucial for both financial purposes and development control. 

Do Repairs Need A Permit?

This is a common question people will ask when planning a repair for their home. In general, repairs and renovations are a completely different situation than construction plans. Even so, there is no ubiquitous answer when it comes to repairs, as each municipality will have a different outlook. One municipality may require a permit for renovations and repairs, while some will not. In general, the best thing to do is ask regardless of your situation beforehand to ensure 100% certainty. 

What Happens If I Don’t Get One?

If you don’t have a permit for your next big home improvement plan, it could get you in trouble down the road. If you decide that you eventually want to sell your home, the lender of the person who is purchasing your house will get the home appraised. When a home is going through this process, an appraiser will find any type of unpermitted construction, leading to legal fines in most cases. In other unfortunate cases, a person might end up being required to take down whatever work was done.

In addition, if the constructed work ever leads to a fire, your homeowners insurance can deny a claim for damage if they find out the work was done without using a permit.

In conclusion, yes, it is important that you get a permit for any construction/home addition project. You do not want to take any of the risks associated with not having one, so be sure to keep all of this in mind before you get to working on a new project.

How We Can Help

Here at iRemodel Home Renovations, we are ready to help assist you in planning and construction work. Our work will be sure to align with all of the building codes in your area, so you can swiftly be approved for a permit and begin your dream build today. To learn more about how to hire a custom home builder in Toronto with us, be sure to call us at (416) 825-2542. We look forward to hearing from you!