Why Do People Build Home Additions?

Why Do People Build Home Additions?

When you have both the money and the space for a home addition, there is no real reason as to why you shouldn’t do it. After all, this type of build comes with a number of different amazing benefits that last for a long time after the addition has been built. It wouldn’t come as a shock to many that this project would be so easily decided on either, since the home renovation industry in Canada alone is worth over 60.5 billion dollars. 

Whether it is because of an ever-increasing housing market or a feeling of comfort, home additions provide extra space, storage and comfort to your home. Here at iRemodel, we want to talk about three big reasons why people decide to undergo this project, and how each reason will greatly benefit your home in different ways. 

1.It Increases Value

If you are looking to sell in the near future but require extra space in the meantime, this addition acts as the perfect two in one deal. While this addition can give you the extra room you need, it can also work to increase the value of your home exponentially. This is especially true when you decide to add an extra bedroom/kitchen/bathroom within this home addition. The more you are able to maximize convenience for any potential future homeowner, the more your initial home’s value will begin to rise.

2.More Space to Grow

Sometimes, the room we are given within our home just isn’t enough. Whether this was a feeling you got from the moment you moved in, or a feeling that grew more and more overtime as the walls of your home began to close in on you, the feeling is no fun. This feeling becomes especially prevalent when your family begins to grow in size and you have a couple more children than you did before. Maybe a parent moved in, and now the space just isn’t enough for everyone. Regardless of what situation you’re in, the greatest way to solve this feeling of discomfort without having to spend all of the time and money to move is building on that extra space so your family can live comfortably. 

3.It Helps Meet Your Needs

One of the coolest things about adding a home addition is that once you’ve built the space, you can do anything you want with it. If you want a completely separate living space from the rest of your home for an elderly person/young adult, you can install a kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. If you need extra storage because you don’t have enough in your closets or your garage, you can install loads of shelving units and hooks to store everything effectively. If you just want a space to escape from the everyday mania of the average weekday, you can create an R&R area with a comfy pull-out sofa, a bookshelf and some pretty decorations. The options are truly limitless when it comes to this type of home improvement, and you can design it to meet the needs you’ve been missing out on in your standard home situation. 

Work With Our Company at iRemodel 

While we wish we could say that building home additions on one’s own is easy, this is the farthest thing from the truth. There are a lot of safety risks associated with this construction project if not implemented properly. In addition, if you require electricity, plumbing or A/C + heating in the space, the right skills and experience is needed in order to make sure these things are installed effectively.  

Here at iRemodel, our skilled contractors have been working in the field for years. Whether we are working on kitchen renovations, bathroom renovations, full home renovations or home additions, we do everything necessary to make our clients home improvement goals come to life. To find out more about how to hire a custom home builder in Toronto from our team, be sure to call our company at (416) 825-2542 today!