What You Need To Know About Building Permits in Toronto

What You Need To Know About Building Permits in Toronto

Any type of renovation in your home requires a permit. The same goes for new construction. A lot of planning goes into these projects, but it might surprise you to know just how little most property owners know about the importance and purpose of building permits. iRemodel Home Renovations is here to let you in on everything you need to know about permits to make your project more efficient.

Getting a Permit

Getting a building permit can be a complicated and time-consuming process. The first step, however, is to have your local regulating body review your construction plans to ensure they comply with local building codes. There is a fee for this review and approval, which will vary depending on your area. If the plan is approved, a permit will be issued, and you can start your renovation or new construction project.

On paper, this seems like a pretty simple process, but it can get complicated depending on where you live and the rules surrounding your property. Homes that are within historical areas may require expressed permission for any type of alterations, for example. The wait time is also another hindrance because there are generally only a few inspectors allocated to each area, which slows down the process.

The Permit Approval Process

Minor changes, small additions, and changes to an existing structure tend to be approved much quicker than other plans. A complex proposal or home addition will generally take longer to be approved. There are established time frames that are applied to permit application processing, but those that are not in compliance won’t be approved until changes are made. Any application for a permit that is denied will have a reason attached. This gives property owners the chance to rectify the problem and then appeal the decision.

After approval has been granted and construction has commenced, there will be a mandatory in-person inspection. The type of building will determine what stage will occur. You must contact and schedule an inspection in a timely manner to prevent delays or cancelation of your permit.

Why Are Building Permits Needed?

Building permits ensure public safety and quality workmanship when it comes to renovations and new construction. Sometimes designs may contain serious flaws that are overlooked by the architect. An inspector can catch these flaws before they turn into dangerous problems down the line. In addition to ensuring the building, wiring, and plumbing plans are in order, some areas also enforce energy conservation codes. Building permits also help manage the rate of growth in any particular area. Some building repairs also require a permit. It is a good idea to ask your musicality before any major repairs or upgrades.

What If I Complete Work Without a Permit?

You should never complete any type of construction or renovation work without securing a permit. Aside from risking the structural integrity of your home, you can actually be blocked from listing it for sale. Working without a permit will lead to fines, and, depending on the type of work, it may need to be deconstructed. Work completed without a permit that results in damage is also not covered by any homeowner’s insurance policy. In fact, such work will invalidate your whole policy placing you at financial risk.

How We Can Help With Building Permits

Securing a building permit protects your property and your investment. Working with a professional Toronto construction company such as iRemodel Home Renovations is also critical when starting a renovation project. We can help you secure permits for any home renovation or new construction of your home prior to the start of the project. For more information on how we can help, give us a call at (416) 825-2542 today.