8 Things That Make Your Home Feel Dated and How to Fix Them

8 Things That Make Your Home Feel Dated and How to Fix Them

Design trends come and go in a blink of an eye. Some features are timeless, but certain other features that can make your home look dated. If you are worried about an outdated kitchen or living room, we can help. iRemodel Home Renovations has put together a list of eight things that can make your home look outdated, and what you can do to fix them.

Too Much Copper

Copper is a great material to use as an accent, but covering everything in copper is just tacky and a trend of the past. Instead, stick to small touches of copper to add warmth, but flesh your space out with matte black, silver, and brass for a more well-rounded aesthetic.

White Colored Appliances

There as a time when white appliances were trending, even now many older homes have white stoves, refrigerators, and even microwaves. While the occasional accent piece can be white, upgrading to stainless steel or a wood grain facade for a more modern look.

Ikea Rugs

We get it, IKEA can be the center of the affordable decorating universe, but those mass-produced patterned rugs are a thing of the past. Instead of sticking with what is abundant and cheap, choose smaller, more unique details that better suit your personal space.

Quote Board

There as a time that a quirky quote added a bit of character to a room, now they are simply cliché. Instead, cover your walls with family photos, interesting outdoor shots, or even a hand-painted image that tells a story.

Chalkboards on the Refrigerator

Unless you have toddlers or small children, you want to keep entertained during meal prep, there is no reason to have a chalkboard on your refrigerator. Toss that board in the trash and consider having a simple notepad in a hobby nook in a kitchen corner.

Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans have been around forever, and while they may have a place in your basement or porch, it’s time to evict them from your living room. Opt for vents and windows that optimize air circulation or even upgrade your HVAC system to cover your whole home. Unless you are on an extreme budget, the ceiling fan should be left in the past.

Floral Curtains

Wallpaper comes and goes according to trends, but floral curtains are out for all but those who are stuck in the past. Instead of busy floral, opt for pastels or simple designs that reflect your personality and suit the space instead. If you are not sure what suits the space, consider calling an interior design expert for assistance.

Analog Thermostat

There is no reason at all to maintain an analog thermostat, even in a historical home. Upgrade that old-fashioned tech to a digital version to stay in touch with modern trends. It can also help you save on energy costs by maintaining your home temperature more efficiently.

How iRemodel Home Renovations Can Help

Plenty of things can make your home look like something that belongs in a museum, but with our tips, you can easily modernize. If you are thinking about starting a Toronto home renovation project, we are here to help. Give us a call at (416) 825-2542 to find out more about our pricing and services.