Should You Stay or Leave Your Home During a Renovation?

Should You Stay or Leave Your Home During a Renovation?

When a home renovation begins to take place, one question is commonly asked among homeowners around the country and that is: Should I leave or stay during this project? 

While the answer to this question entirely depends on the situation and how large your renovation is scale-wise, if you are unable to leave and have to stay during this time, we here at iRemodel want to help make this easy. With the advice we are going to offer below, we hope that you can feel more comfortable staying at your place during a project like this. 

Close Off Work Areas 

When you want to ensure the most safety (and especially when you have children), always close off the areas in which work is being done. Since renovations require equipment and materials that can be hazardous if handled improperly, making sure these areas are off-limits minimizes any chance of injury or danger. When you are walking near these areas, we recommend you wear slippers or some sort of indoor footwear in case remnants of a renovation have left the area and been scattered on your floor. So long as you set boundaries in these areas, you and your loved ones should be safe from any risky accidents. 

Figure Out a Timeline 

Before this project properly begins and the official papers are signed, a contractor will have met with you and discussed the times in which they will be doing the work in your place. If you need a refresher, always be sure to contact your contractor about when they will be working and when they’ll be leaving. This is very important to be aware of if you’re staying because on the chance that plumbing, electrical or other services need to be cut off, you want to be fully prepared for that period of time with alternatives. Whether that be a nice neighbour letting you borrow their utilities next door or arrangements with a relative to get stuff done at their place, it’s important you have something set up so you and your loved ones aren’t inconvenienced by this renovation step. 

Move Valuable Items Out of The Home 

Whilst in most cases, construction companies hold a very strong code of ethics and morals (such as our team here at iRemodel), others do not. Regardless of how well reviewed or trustworthy a company is, it’s always good to err on the side of caution and remove any valuable items from within the home so they stay safe. This will include things such as jewellery, cash, expensive tech, etc. This will also give you a much better peace of mind whenever you leave the home while work is being performed. 

Control Copious Amounts of Dust 

If you decide to stay at your home during a renovation, getting control of the dust situation is integral to everyone’s health. Make sure you are opening windows or turning on vents & fans to circulate air around the home and prevent dust from building up. You can also purchase face masks when you are near an area that is being worked on so as to not inhale any dust or debris from the project. In order to control this type of dust at the root, also always be sure to ask about contractors tarping certain areas to control the spread of this debris. 

Let Our Renovation Company Assist You 

Renovations can be tricky without the right team working by your side. With the help of our team here at iRemodel, we can make all of your renovation wants and needs come true. If you’re interested in starting a home renovation in Toronto with our company or would just like to learn more about our team and how we can help with your home improvement needs, be sure to call us at (416) 825-2542 today!