Office renovations are often much more complex than those in a residential location. If the office is in use, work will need to be performed in a way that doesn’t disrupt the working day, among other concerns. The best way to avoid complications is to plan your renovation in stages. iRemodel Renovations has five tips to help you proactively plan your office renovation so that the project runs smoothly.

Identify Your Goals

First, ask yourself a few questions to get your project goals in order. These questions may include:

  • Why does the office need to be renovated?
  • What is the overall project budget?
  • What are your overall expectations?
  • Will the office be in use during construction?
  • Will there be phased moves during the renovation?
  • What may affect the project’s schedule?
  • Are there regulations to consider?

Build a Competent Project Team

The most critical part of a renovation project is using the right team for the job. The company you hire should be able to meet all the needs of your project and help you handle all the details. It’s best if their team includes an interior designer, general contractor, and a facility executive.

A quality contractor will work with you from the concept stages through to development and project completion. Working with one early will help you select the best choices that fit your budget while also realizing your design goals. Working with a designer early on will help you maximize the use of your space while also creating customized solutions for your office needs. Hiring a facility executive is an effective way to keep your project on track and keep everyone connected without disruption to office workflow.

If you’re looking for a team that provides high-quality work and superior customer service, choose iRemodel Renovations. We would love to help you create an office that is specifically designed with your staff, their needs, and productivity in mind.

Do Your Research

To prevent problems before they arise during your office renovation, you and your team should complete some research in advance. Find out the specifics of the building you plan to upgrade as well as pin down any regulatory concerns that you may face. Spending time and money to take care of these concerns prevents them from morphing into costly delays.

Consider the age of the systems in the building, as installing new hardware with older infrastructure may lead to complications. Make sure the structure is capable to support your planned changes and that the quality of the existing utilities is up to par. Most commercial locations will have undergone site evaluations in the past. You should confirm their accuracy and also double-check for any historical issues that may arise.

Form a Realistic Schedule

Renovations take time, often much more time than if a commercial space was being built from scratch. Create a schedule that is realistic and manageable for your construction team and your business. Evaluate the changes to be made, the potential issues you may face, and pad the schedule to account for contingencies. Plan your schedule according to when the space needs to be ready for use, and then move backward in stages. Once you have a set list of stages, then you can get started on your project.

How We Can Help

When you are planning a commercial renovation in Toronto, your first call should always be to the professionals here at iRemodel Renovations. We have been serving the Toronto area for decades, and we have the knowledge, experience, and desire to see your project through to fruition. For more information, contact us at (416) 825-2542 today!