7 Ways to Make Your Kitchen Feel Luxurious

7 Ways to Make Your Kitchen Feel Luxurious

If you would like to make your kitchen feel more luxurious and high-end, our team here at iRemodel Home Renovations has put together this guideline for you to follow. This guide will take you through seven different tips that will help you upgrade the look of your kitchen without having to complete a full Kitchen Renovation in Toronto. 

Upgrade the Lighting Fixtures

Instead of putting together a budget to completely renovate your kitchen, consider upgrading smaller items like the lighting fixtures. Having updated lighting fixtures can completely transform the space and make it look whiter and brighter. As a tip, choose a fixture that has brass or silver details! 

Showcase the Best Glassware

To elevate the look of class in your kitchen, consider showcasing your best glassware either on the kitchen counter, or through a glass cabinet window. This will give the illusion of class to your guests, and it will add an attractive display. If you have a favourite bottle of wine, consider placing it next to the glassware as well. 

Revamp the Backsplash

What does your backsplash look like? Does it look like it could use an upgrade? Personalize your kitchen’s aesthetic by giving the backsplash a facelift. This is a relatively affordable modification that can make your kitchen look modern and feel luxurious. 

Add Real Fruit in Bowls

While this may seem like a basic thought, you would be surprised about how far real fruit can go in making a kitchen look luxurious. Real fruit can add a touch of elegance and offer the sophistication the space needs. Get inspiration from arrangements online and recreate them in your kitchen. 

Purchase a Diffuser

If you are ready to illuminate all five senses, it’s time that you make the kitchen area smell delicious in your home. One way you can do this is by purchasing a diffuser with some essential oils or burning a candle. Consider purchasing the same smell over and over to give your home a signature scent. 

Add a New Rug to the Floor

In order to dress up the space, consider purchasing a new rug that adds a new colour or texture to the room. This can make a stylish statement and it can create a colour contrast to make the rug pop. We recommend an oriental style runner that is located between the island and the counter. 

Utilize Natural Light

Natural light can make any space look bigger and brighter. If you have curtains or blinds blocking your window, consider relocating them so that you can utilize the natural light that shines through the window. 

How Our Renovation Team Can Help

At iRemodel Home Renovations, our team is well-known for being a Home Renovation in Toronto company and we are happy to share all of our tips and tricks. If you wish to make your kitchen feel luxurious, pick a few of these tips to implement into your kitchen. If you are ready to inquire about a home renovation, contact our team at (416) 825-2542.