Mixed Metal Design Trends for Your Kitchen

Mixed Metal Design Trends for Your Kitchen

Like many other homeowners, changes in the season often bring with it the desire to change or upgrade the cooking space in your home. If you are considering a remodel, adding a mix of metals is a great way to upgrade your kitchen regardless of its size. There is a range of metal finishes that you can add to your kitchen that will compliment just about any existing style. Here are a few suggestions from iRemodel Home Renovations that will help you choose which style is best suited for your home.

A Classic Patina with a Modern Twist

The kitchen spaces of previous years have a nostalgic feel that bring in a mix of natural patina, which offers a feeling of hearth and home for all who enter the space. Adding metals into your kitchen will let you recreate this look, while also lending an air of modern flair. Mixing in measured amounts of galvanized piping along with stainless steel or aged brass will allow for seamless integration.

Textured Metals

You can also use metals to create layered or textured looks that are both modern and classic at the same time. This helps to ensure you don’t restrict yourself to a single genre and also gives your kitchen a look of well-worn comfort. Mixing cool and warm-toned metals will give your kitchen a timeless look that will last through years of changing trends.

Show Off Your Design

Make sure to create a central focus point for your mixed metal kitchen masterpiece. This will create a sense of invitation that translates to the whole kitchen. Hammered copper is a visually stunning metal that you can use for a kitchen hood or appliance to draw the eye in. You can also add in complementing metals to the rest of the kitchen to bring the whole design together.

Metal Farmhouse

Mixing metals in the kitchen is neither new nor old when it comes to design. You can craft an antique farmhouse look using metals by adding in bright brass, dated wrought iron, and brushed finishes to create a homely modern farmhouse kitchen.

Trendy Timeless Metals

One thing most homeowners worry about is investing time and money into a kitchen design that may be outdated in just a few years. Kitchen designs that mix wood, metal, and other materials allow you to incorporate a timeless look that will outlast most trends.

Grand Metals

Regardless of your personal style, adding mixed metals to your kitchen design is a sure way to upgrade your look without breaking the bank. Opulent designs are given an extra flair when you add shiny metals and accents in key locations. If you are looking for a great way to add warmth, character, and texture to your grand kitchen mixed metals is the way to go.

How We Can Help

When you want to change your space without doing a full remodel, adding a mixture of metals is a great way to add modern elegance and warmth to your kitchen at an affordable rate. iRemodel Home Renovations is always here to offer design advice and service quotes when you are ready to get your home renovation project off the ground. Give us a call at (416) 825-2542 today to find out more.