Get the Best Quality Kitchen Hardware

Get the Best Quality Kitchen Hardware

You may have already found this out, but it is true when they say, “you get what you pay for.” This means, if you buy cheap, you get cheap.

This goes for everything, from cars to cabinet hardware. If you are going to spend thousands of dollars giving your kitchen remodeled, why would you then cut corners on the cabinet hardware?

The hardware is important! Not just because of the looks, but because of the functionality. You do not want to have a super new and beautiful kitchen with cabinets that will not open because the drawer pulls fall off or the hinges are junk. Here at iRemodel in Richmond Hill, we know you do not want to spend a ton of money. Yes, you can get some good deals, but if you pay a dollar for some rusty old hinges, you should know they are not going to work very well, even after you clean them up. Sometimes you just have to pay a little bit more for something that you want to last for years to come. Here are some FAQs you need to know about quality decorative cabinet hardware:

Do Not Forget About the Hinges

The handles and drawer pulls are usually what most people spend a lot of time on, but they forget all about the hinges. They just figure you can use any old cheap hinges from the local hardware store. This is not really true because the hinges are what keep your cabinet doors on and help them open and close. If you have cheap hinges they may only last a few months before the doors start sagging. You have to also be sure the hinges are strong enough to hold the weight of the doors.

Drawer Hardware Is Very Important

Just like the hinges, many people overlook the hardware inside the drawers. Nobody really worries about it until the drawers do not open and then they just complain about the cabinetry. However, the drawer hardware has to be the best quality and be installed by an expert like the designers at iRemodel or they will eventually get stuck or even fall out. Drawer stops are a great idea too.

You Can Use Mix and Match Styles

It is okay to mix contemporary hardware with traditional style kitchen design. You can also choose antique style knobs and drawer pulls in a modern kitchen with transitional cabinetry. As long as the styles look good to you and they are made with quality in mind, you can really use whatever you like. You can also use knobs and pulls together, instead of sticking with one or the other.

Do Not Expect the Box Stores to Have the Best

Of course, it is cheaper to buy from the big box stores, but the quality is definitely not as good as the hardware you will get from an expert like us. The big box stores are cheaper because they buy in bulk and they buy items that are a little misaligned or imperfect that the experts will not buy.

If you are thinking of remodeling or refacing your kitchen cabinets, or maybe just replacing the hardware, call iRemodel in Richmond Hill at 416-825-2542 for a free quote.