Home Renovation Dilemma: Should I Live On-Site or Should I Relocate?

Home Renovation Dilemma: Should I Live On-Site or Should I Relocate?

When it comes to a Home Renovation in Toronto, all residents have to decide whether they are going to live on-site for the duration of the project or relocate until the project is complete. While relocating can help avoid the chaos of a home remodel, unfortunately, this option is not available to everyone. Budget constraints or not having anywhere else to go can be a problem when relocating. If you plan to live on-site during the remodel, our team from iRemodel Home Renovations is here to help you cope and navigate the dust, noise, and mess that will surround you. Follow along as we explore practical tips for managing life during home renovations. 

Discuss the Timeline With the Contractor 

Before you sign any final documents with your contractor, one subject that should always be discussed is the timeline. Work closely with your renovation company to understand the sequencing of events and to establish a clear timeline together. Knowing what is to come will help you minimize potential disruptions and help you to plan accordingly. Furthermore, communication is key. Ensure you keep an open line of communication at all times. 

Control Where the Dust Settles 

While it is impossible to eliminate the dust completely during a home renovation project, there are proactive steps you can take to help control it. Since the Effects of Dust on the Lungs are damaging, it’s important to try and maintain dust during a renovation where possible. To avoid thick layers of dust throughout your home, ask your renovation team to tarp off sections of your home that are undergoing construction. The tarps will help to contain the dust by preventing it from flying free within your home. Minimize the impact of dust by creating a plan with your contractor. 

Create Work Zones 

To keep young children, pets, and yourself safe during renovations, it’s best to establish clear work zones. Work zones are cordoned-off areas to prevent accidents and injuries from occurring. By having these zones in place, it will ensure that no one is running into spaces where hazardous materials are lying around. By creating designated work zones, one can maintain a safe and organized living environment despite the chaos of the renovation. 

Assemble a Temporary Kitchen Facility 

Kitchen renovations pose unique challenges, especially when it comes to meal preparation and daily routines. If your current kitchen has plans to be completely demolished, it’s important that you plan ahead for how you will deal with this. Alternative cooking methods must be utilized to create well-balanced meals. Consider using the barbecue outside and setting up a temporary space in the basements that holds the fridge, kettle, toaster, air fryer, and microwave. Remember, Surviving Without a Kitchen During Your Remodel is possible! 

Remove Items of Value 

To minimize stress and ensure your peace of mind throughout the renovation, sometimes it’s best to remove items of value from the renovation site. By safeguarding these items, you can have confidence in knowing that there will be no accidental damage or loss of your possessions. Consider taking these proactive steps so that your valuables can be stored securely with assurance. 

How Our Renovation Team Can Help 

In conclusion, navigating life during a home renovation presents its challenges, but with careful planning and the right approach, it can be manageable. At iRemodel Home Renovations, whether you are planning a home renovation or require a custom Home Builder in Toronto, our team would be happy to visit with you to discuss the details of living on-site during the project or relocating until the project is complete. Start the conversation by contacting our team at (416) 825-2542.