Thinking of Expanding Your House? Time to Decide Between Building Out or Building Up

Thinking of Expanding Your House? Time to Decide Between Building Out or Building Up

Have you recently expanded your family? Or, do you just need a change from your house without actually having to move? No one likes to feel like they don’t have enough space, especially when you are in your own home. If this sounds like you, then you are in need of a home addition! Now you’re ready to decide on whether you should build up or build out.

Building Up Vs. Building Out

The difference between the two is that building out is adding an extra room onto your house. However, building up consists of adding an entire extra floor onto your house. Depending on how much extra space you will need, it is a good idea to put some thought towards this decision.

Will it be Enough Space?

Considering this will be a permanent solution, it is best to really ask yourself some important questions. The first one being “will the expansion I choose actually resolve my space issue?” If you only need a little more extra space, then it will be smart to build out on your main floor. However, you have to consider if you even have enough extra space around your home for this expansion, and also where you will be adding this extra room. It is a smart choice to consider adding an extra room, adding a rear addition or converting your garage into a room. If you will need a lot more room for your house, then building up is more likely the better decision.

How Much Time and Effort Do I Want To Put In?

Now, you have to decide how much extra work you want to put into this project. If you are considering adding in a whole extra floor, then you have to realize that it will be a lot more work. You will have to extend power lines and drainage lines, and come up with a whole floor plan. However, building out will be a much easier job, as it will be less disruptive. If you do not wish to tear down any walls, then you can do the addition onto a pre-existing doorway. The more effort you have to put into something, the longer time it will take to get it done, so therefore the building up project will take a longer amount of time.

The Issue of Money

Surprisingly enough, building out isn’t always less expensive than adding an entire extra floor. The pricing really depends on if you will be requiring plumbing, the installation of a HVAC system, and so on, as this can all make the cost increase. It is best to go over pricing with your contractor before making the final decision.

The Final Decision

So now you’ve asked yourself some questions and have thought about either building up or building out. As this is a permanent and big decision, it is really important to think about your home and what will be best for it. Take the time to decide which option will be best for you! Once you’ve decided, call iRemodel Home Renovations today at (416) 825-2542 and we can help you create the house of your dreams!