The Right Way To Renovate A Home In Toronto

The Right Way To Renovate A Home In Toronto

There is more to a home renovation in Toronto than just securing local permits. In addition to permits, there are several other things that require the attention of the homeowner and construction crew alike. It is important to consider the needs of your neighbors while renovating your home, and with tips from iRemodel Home Renovations, it’s easier than you think. We have several suggestions that will ensure your home renovation goes off without a hitch while also reducing the strain on your neighbors. 

Creating Your Dream Home

Everyone wants their house to become the home of their dreams. With renovations, you can turn your dreams into a reality. With the help of reliable construction companies such as iRemodel Home Renovations, or even a little bit of your own effort, your dream will be within reach. Before you get started it is important to consider your surroundings and make sure you know the rules and permitted changes in the area. 

Ensure Worksite Safety

Renovation or any type of construction has inherent dangers. It is important to ensure that your home and the area around your home is both safe and secure. Most neighborhoods have children, and they don’t always understand just how dangerous a construction site may be. If you are working with a contractor, make sure they are using ample precautions for both their workers and non-workers in the area. It is also a good idea to place gravel at the front or back entry areas to help prevent dust and debris from being tracked into the house. Make sure that there is no stagnant water during construction as well. It can create a hazard for you and the surrounding community. 

Make Sure Your Changes Fit The Aesthetic

Some areas have additional regulations either due to being a historic area or perhaps due to HOA rules. It is important to know the building codes in Toronto to ensure that your proposed changes don’t violate any bylaws. The character of the area must be maintained, so you can expect longer reviews for locations that fall under Site Plan Control. It is also a good idea to get input on changes from your neighbors to ensure they do not have objections later down the line. 

Think About Your Neighbors

Renovating your home is a great way to achieve your dream, but make sure you consider those around you. Prevent damage to public property and make a point of keeping reasonable work hours and keeping noise pollution to a minimum. Work hours should fall between 8am and 7pm, but make sure you check the noise rules if you leave near a medical facility. Ensure that the workers have a place to use the restroom as well as ample parking for their work vehicles. 

Think About Nature

Trees and plants are other important factors to consider. Try to avoid removing trees unless there is no other choice. In most cases, there is a firm limit on the number of tree removals allowed each year in every neighborhood. Plant new trees, shrubs, and flowers to help maintain the environment once your work is complete. Hiring a professional construction crew such as the one here at iRemodel Home Renovations will enable you to complete your dream luxury home renovation and new construction with as little hassle as possible. Give us a call at (416) 825-2542 today to find out more.