Renovate Your Windows with Energy Efficient Options

Renovate Your Windows with Energy Efficient Options

You shouldn’t overlook the option of installing energy efficient windows based solely on the higher upfront cost. Even though they may cost more initially, the savings you will see over time will cover their cost, and then some. There is a range of options to repair your old windows, broken windows, or just replace outdated models that are both stylish and energy efficient. iRemodel Home Renovations is always here to offer you advice regarding styles, materials, installation and just about anything else you need for your Toronto Home Renovation project.

Energy Efficient Windows

This past June, the Green Ontario Fund was canceled by the government which has left many homeowners in a bit of a bind. The GOF was a great way for those who own their homes to make them use energy more efficiently by offering incentives for window replacement.

What Are My Options Now?

For homeowners that have already started their projects, as long as the work has been completed by the end of August, the rebates will be provided. For those that have not started, or whose work will not be completed before then, are basically out of luck as far as rebates are concerned. Just because the government is no longer offering to pay for your windows doesn’t mean that you can’t still upgrade your windows with energy efficient options. There are a lot of great brands and companies out there that offer energy efficient windows at all price points, and as mentioned before, they do pay for themselves in savings over time. Here are a few options iRemodel Home Renovations suggest.

Reduce Energy Loss through Existing Window Repair

If your windows are not that old or if they are in good condition but you want to save money on a total replacement job, a repair is a good option. Improving the condition of your existing windows will save money, and also help you save energy by preventing heat and cool air loss. There are several ways you can repair your windows such as the suggestions we have below.

Weather stripping – You can fix the air leaks on your windows by weather stripping them. Your local hardware store should have weather strips on hand, and they are made up of various materials.

Caulking To reduce heat transfer on your windows, you can caulk the edges properly to help reduce the effect. A simple handyman can do this for you, or you can buy the material you need from your local hardware store and do it yourself.

New glass – Older windows are single pane, and while this will keep out the elements, bugs and other critters, it doesn’t do much to help you stay energy efficient. Replacing your single pane with triple or double pane glass adds a layer of insulation that will keep the temperature in your home more stable than a single pane glass.

Storm windows – If you don’t want to replace your current windows, you can add a storm window as an upgrade which will help with insulation while also remaining cost-effective.

How We Can Help

Replacing a window frame can be costly, and energy efficient windows are no different. The only difference is that with energy efficient windows, you gain back the money you spend on their installation by the savings you will gain by lower energy bills. Always make sure to choose windows and appliances with the ENERGY STAR® certifications. If you are looking to make your home more energy efficient, iRemodel Home Renovations has a range of energy-saving renovation solutions. Get in touch with us today at (416) 825-2542 to set up an appointment.