How a Homeowner Should Handle a Renovation

How a Homeowner Should Handle a Renovation

Let’s face it: home renovations can be nerve-wracking, and unless you’ve done it a million times before, you’ll probably never know how to handle it off the bat. There are ways you can reduce unexpected problems, and learn how to take them head on like a pro. While it’s important to have professionals on hand at some point where you’re feeling unconfident, sometimes that’s not enough to stop you from having a full-on meltdown.

You should always make sure your contractor or professional is willing to be patient and work with you through your anxiety about the project. One who is passive, rude, and/or aggressive is one that you shouldn’t hire. Meeting and discussing beforehand can give you clear insight on whether this person is good or not. One that accommodates your home and your family is one that should get business over one that doesn’t.

Another way you can handle your renovation like a pro is to have a plan on how you’re going to live while your home is under renovation. If you have pets, kids, or you simply work from home, you might want to station yourself elsewhere until the renovation is done, depending on how intensive your renovation plans are.

Create a temporary kitchen if you’re getting your kitchen renovated. Stock up on small meals and drinks like water – things that may not necessarily have to be heated or cold to have. It’s worth noting that running water may not be accessible during this time, either.

There will definitely be some trying moments during your home renovation, and the important step is to always stay calm. Don’t take it out on your family, friends, or contractor, and give yourself a few moments of alone time to breathe and make sure you’re okay before you make any rash decisions.

Speak with your contractor on what areas of your home will be off-limits during renovations, as it may not only be the room you’re having renovated. Depending on what room you’re having them work on (kitchen, bathroom, bedroom), you may need to give them more room than you think. For those trickier areas like a kitchen or bathroom, there may be trickier aspects of plumbing that will require more of your space temporarily.

If you plan on staying in the home, but don’t want your anxious pet to freak out when you’re not there, or reduce their chances of getting hurt, we highly suggest a trusted family member or a boarding place for animals!

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