Trends are something that can change rapidly, or even over a long period of time. While most people can keep up with fashion or tech trends, changing your home to suite rapidly changing styles isn’t as easy as you may think. If you did a kitchen renovation to fit a trend that’s no longer in fashion, you may end up with a space that looks “dated.” If you aren’t sure, here are 9 things iRemodel Home Renovations suggest you look for that may give your home that dreaded dated appearance.

Off-White & Cream Colored Appliances

There was a time when white and cream colored everything was in all the top magazines, but sadly that trend ended last decade. If you still have an eggshell colored fridge covered in magnets and a matching dishwasher or microwave to match, it’s probably time to think about upgrading your kitchen to something more modern like brushed steel.

Copper, Copper & Copper

Copper can add a nice touch to any area of your home, but if you still have a kitchen that is fully outfitted in ALL copper, then it might be time for a change. While it might be nice to have a kitchen that looks like a giant penny, upgrading your accessories to ceramic or brushed steel is more in fashion these days.

Busy IKEA Rugs

There is a lot to love about IKEA; low prices, a large assortment of choices, and good quality for the price. What should not be on the top of your list is the busily patterned rugs that you will find for sale in bins all over IKEA. While the price tag is attractive, the designs are no longer on par with the trends of today.

Magnetic Chalkboards

If you have children still in grade school, then you might have a legitimate reason to have a chalkboard on your refrigerator or somewhere else in your kitchen. For everyone else, if you need to stay organized using a planner is much more efficient and in line with the current trends.

Ceiling Fans

Depending on where you live, it may be vital to have a ceiling fan, but in most cases, it’s a trend that we can finally leave in the past. Opt for vents and air optimizing windows instead of the outdated ceiling fan of the past.

Quote Signs

We have become a society of quotes and in the process have left creativity behind. There was a time when it was nice to hang a quote over your door on your doorstep. However, that trend is thankfully in the past, so opt for a nice coffee table book or simple painting instead.

Floral Curtains

Florals are expected when you visit your grandma’s house, and that’s the only place they should be found. If you have floral curtains, coverlets, pillows or drapes in your home, then your decor is most certainly dated.

Analog Temperature Control

Change can be hard, but there is no reason to be still using an analog thermostat in your home. Digital thermostats are affordable and can often be installed easily, so there is no reason to maintain a dated look.


No one ever likes clutter so if your home is not organized, regardless of how many other trendy changes you have made, your decor will look dated. Clutter gives off the idea of chaotic energy, storing things in the proper place or creating storage to help keep your home clutter-free will help you stay in style.

How We Can Help

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