5 Reasons to Renovate During the Winter

5 Reasons to Renovate During the Winter

The winter is usually when people settle down and cuddle up to stay warm. While this is one option, you can also use this season to get to work and improve your space. Renovations are not as popular during the winter, but this is one of the best times to get some larger projects completed. Contrary to popular opinion, there are quite a few projects that are best suited for colder months. iRemodel Home Renovations has put together a list of the top five reasons you should have a Toronto home renovation this winter.

Easy Permit Procurement

Securing permits is one of the most time-consuming parts of any renovation project. During the spring and summer, the city office is flooded with requests. In the winter there are much fewer requests which will allow you to secure permits much quicker than other seasons. Just pay attention to any holiday schedule, most government offices will close on federal holidays or during harsh weather.

Lower Project Cost

Off-peak projects will help you to save a lot of money on your renovation project. In the spring and summer not only are contractors in high demand, but they are also more expensive. Starting projects in the winter will allow you to get plenty of special deals on labor and materials since most construction companies are idle. You can get even more work done within your budget thanks to contractors and suppliers looking to clear up their stock by the end of the year.

More Contractors Available

With most people avoiding renovation work in the winter, the number of contractors to choose from increases. It will be easier to schedule work on your home at times that are more convenient for you and the construction crew. Work during the week will be easier to accommodate which can mean fewer complaints from your neighbors and a quicker completion time overall. Winter work often faces fewer delays than the same types of projects started in the summer.

Save On Energy Cost

If you are planning on getting heavy or large-scale repairs done on your home, the winter is a great time to start. Heating costs tend to be very high during the winter, but if your family moves out for renovation, you can save on both heating and electrical cost during the winter season. This is also the best time to upgrade doors and windows to their more energy-efficient replacements. Consider boosting your insulation and even swapping out old thermostats for new digital models as well.

Get Ready For a Spring Listing

Are you planning to put your home on the market this spring? If so, the winter is the best time to upgrade your space and complete any pending repairs. Not only will the property be fresh when it is time to list, but you will also have the added advantage of saving money on the cost of repairs in the winter. This will help boost your ROI and make your property much more attractive to buyers.

How iRemodel Home Renovations Can Help

If you are interested in getting your winter projects off the ground, we can help. No matter if it’s a kitchen renovation or a full home renovation; give iRemodel Home Renovations a call at (416) 825-2542 to find out more about our products and services.