Which Upgrades Should You Include in a Custom Built Home?

Which Upgrades Should You Include in a Custom Built Home?

Building a custom home allows you to get the features you want without having to renovate an existing building. Of course, budget is always a factor when deciding which features to add and which to leave on the table. Getting the most value out of your custom home while also getting the features that you desire can be a little complex. If you are wondering which upgrades to include, these tips from iRemodel Home Renovations can help.

High Ceilings

High ceilings are a feature that is often overlooked, but very noticeable once it has been added. Raised ceilings help enhance a person’s mood, create a feeling of more space in a home, and even trigger free thinking in the form of brain stimulation.

Wood Flooring

If you are planning to add hardwood floors to your rooms, consider extending them into high traffic areas such as your hallways or even in the kitchen. Hardwood is both durable and beautiful in any home. Contrary to popular belief, hardwood can handle heavy traffic more than carpet. They also increase the value of any property in a way that tile and vinyl won’t.

Granite Counters

Custom countertops, such as those made out of granite, are luxury additions that can add warmth, comfort, and value to your custom home. They are durable and will often outlast many other areas of the home. No matter how many granite counters you install, your ROI is guaranteed to be lucrative.

Bonus Garage

Adding an extra garage after your home has been built can be costly, but the price is usually worth it. Not only will adding the feature while your home is being built from the ground up be more affordable, but it will also increase your storage space instantly. The value of your home will also increase according to the number of garage bays your home holds.

Kitchen Island

We always recommend adding an island to kitchens, if space allows. For those who already plan to use an island, consider increasing the size to make it larger. Large islands can be used as a place to dine, an extra space for food prep, storage, or even as a kids entertainment center. However, when creating a larger island, make sure that it doesn’t overburden the aesthetic of your kitchen.


Lighting is a critical feature in any home, and custom built homes are no different. You can add under-cabinet lighting in your kitchen or living room. Attach them to a dimmer, or even hide them behind the trim. Skylights are also a great way to bring in the outdoors in any space. Consider adding one to your bathrooms or even the hallways.

Basement Upgrades

Basements are usually dreary spaces, but consider making the one in your custom home a walkout. You can use it as a rental space, a separate mother-in-law suite, or even part of your outdoor area. Make sure to also add a source of heat to the basement to ward off cold and keep the space dry during winters and rainy seasons. You could also consider heated floors for an additional cozy touch.

How iRemodel Home Renovations Can Help

There are many functional upgrades you can add to a custom home that will boost its value. If you are interested in getting some ideas that match your custom floor plan, our Toronto construction company would be happy to assist you. Give us a call at (416) 825-2542, so we can help you build the house of your dreams within your budget.