Condo Renovations & Their Requirements

Condo Renovations & Their Requirements

Home renovations and commercial renovations come with their own challenges, but condo renovations often work on different, stricter regulations. This is because condos are built in a space with a bunch of other residents and their own spaces, making the rules more important than in other spaces. To learn about the requirements that come with renovating a condo space, check out the information we here at iRemodel have come up with below. 

Get The Condo Corporation Involved To Ensure You Meet Regulations 

One of the main ways to ensure that you meet all of the requirements and that there will be no conflict with your condo’s owners/neighbours is to work alongside the condo corporation of Ontario. This team involves a board of directors as well as a volunteer group. Landlords often make up this volunteer group. In short, this organization regulates condo activities (such as renovations) and enforces certain rules and legislations, so everything runs smoothly and safely. 

Most of the laws that these directors and volunteers try to enforce include things such as excessive noise levels, licenses, safety concerns and operating times. These regulations exist for a reason, and it’s to ensure every person within a condo building is comfortable, safe and protected.  

What Can Be Restricted? 

The renovation changes that will be restricted in your condo will entirely depend on the company running the building and how they operate things. In general, however, most condominium companies will not allow certain changes such as tearing up the floor, altering the size of windows and messing with condo layouts and where rooms are located. These changes are quite major, and most companies work to keep condos consistent in their design and layout for the next resident who may end up in them.  

Keeping Neighbours Informed is Vital 

When you are doing any renovation in your condo, even if you’re working with the board, it is important that you let your neighbours know about everything that is going on. Since they are located so close to you, they are likely going to hear some kind of work being done. This noise can easily penetrate through the walls and cracks within doors, so letting the people next to you, above you and below you know about any renovations makes relationships between neighbours less tense. Communication is vital to avoid any tension, as the last thing you’d want is to live in a space where you don’t get along with the people who live right next to you.

Let Us Help 

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