Condo Renovation 101

Condo Renovation 101

Around fifty years ago, in the heart of Toronto, condos were less popular and known as something scarce. Today, they are extremely popular and seen throughout nearly the entire span of the city’s skyline. This type of living situation is quite popular among younger generations due to their convenience at being closely placed to their jobs.

Now, convenience is important, but what is even more important is how your condo both looks and functions. This will determine how you feel when you come home and how easy it is to get things done throughout your daily schedule. Here at iRemodel, we would like to provide condo owners with helpful information on kitchen renovation tips, bathroom renovation tips and more. 

The Bathroom

Unfortunately, condo owners do not have the access to make any structural changes to a bathing area. The good thing is that a lot of other different features and renovations can be done. Building vanity cabinets is a great way to add more storage into your bathroom, and installing luxury bathroom fixtures can make your bathroom space look that much classier. Price wise, this type of renovation/design change will cost around 10K on average. Frost glass doors and natural lighting are also two great ways to make a bathroom look much more open and spacious.

The Kitchen

Among some of the most common complaints when it comes to condominiums, a small kitchen is one of the most prevalent. A kitchen is the space where you go to create and provide yourself with energy. It is also considered a place of comfort, so you will want to make sure that your design/layout works well with these ideas. In terms of price, undergoing a kitchen renovation will span somewhere between 5K-20K depending on your requirements. When you do, this will not only maximize space and functionality, but can also greatly increase the value of your condo.

The Living Room

Dealing with a smaller living room is commonplace among people who own condos. The good thing is that there are a number of different ways to make this space appear bigger. One of the most important tips is to make sure the design is consistent throughout — avoid colour blocking at all costs as this can make a living room feel congested and tight. When it comes to paint, stick to lighter, more neutral colours as these help open up a space rather than close it in. 

Let Our Renovation Team Help

If you need help designing or renovating your condo, our team at iRemodel can do so professionally and effectively. The best part? We offer a wide range of different specialized services so you can find the ones that suit your project best. To find out how to start a home renovation in Toronto with us, call our team at (416) 825-2542 today!