Common Mistakes to Avoid While Renovating Your Home

Common Mistakes to Avoid While Renovating Your Home

In today’s current housing market, more and more people are opting to remodel instead of move. A home renovation is a beautiful way to transform the look and functionality of your home without the hardships of selling and buying a new home. 

Even so, just like any project, renovations can be done improperly without the right research, skills and understanding. Here at iRemodel, we want to point out some of the most common mistakes people will make when remodeling their home so you can avoid making the same ones. 

Not Considering Safety 

Although renovations are often less strenuous than full home building projects, they still require a certain level of precaution and safety. Without these considerations your risk of getting hurt increases. Even if your remodel is simple and your design changes are minimal, always be sure to wear the proper safety gear (face mask, steel toed shoes, hard helmet etc.) and implement the proper techniques. Both of these factors work hand in hand, and forgetting to consider one can lead to some pretty dangerous consequences. If you are unsure about whether or not you can implement a remodel safety, we highly advise you contact a professional at iRemodel or elsewhere to get the job done. 

Starting a Project Without Permits 

While obtaining permits sounds like something you should only do when performing a custom home build, many renovations will require permits as well. This is especially true when you’re doing more large-scale renovations that change the overall layout of your home. Permits give every home builder the safe, professional approval to do what is needed to transform your space. When you’re in doubt about how to go about this process, be sure to talk to your contractor about them or call your local municipality. Without the right permits, you can get charged with hefty fines and, in some cases, have to completely reverse your remodel! 

Setting an Unrealistic Budget 

Setting a budget is a fantastic way to stay on track during a project. Even so, people can get ahead of themselves and budgets can be set too high. Unrealistic budgets lead to a lot of issues further down the line in your remodel. Obstacles such as delays and layout mistakes are considered commonplace when not setting the proper budget. It is not uncommon to see someone demolish a large portion of their space, only to realize they can’t rebuild/redesign with the amount of money they’ve initially planned to work with. To avoid this, always make sure you can afford what you’re renovating beforehand and set aside an emergency fund in case of any mistakes down the line. 

Picking The Wrong Expert 

One of the biggest mistakes a first-time renovator will make involves hiring the wrong person for the job. While it can initially be appealing to hire someone who offers the most affordable deal, without the right research into their expertise & reputation, things can begin to fall apart fast. When figuring out which professional to work with, always look at online reviews of their business & look at the previous projects they’ve worked on. Once you have a good idea about whether or not they are the right fit, you can then begin to compare prices between each option and figure out the best deal for you and your needs. 

When you’re struggling to find the perfect contractor and need assistance from a professional, highly experienced team, look no further than our staff here at iRemodel. For over a decade, our team has worked night and day to bring our clients home improvement goals to the forefront. To learn more about how to hire a home builder in Toronto from our team, be sure to call us at (416) 825-2542 today!