Common Issues With Older Homes & How To Fix Them

Common Issues With Older Homes & How To Fix Them

In the city of Toronto, it is no surprise to anyone that a large majority of the homes are either century or heritage homes. Whether the Victorian aesthetic appeals to you, or you just enjoy having a piece of history to live in, the look of these gorgeous homes can be hard to ignore.

Choosing to live in these homes can be a great decision, but you need to be aware of the fact that it is a challenge. Some houses may just need a simple fixing by a trusty home builder, while others will need serious repairs done before anything else. We here at iRemodel Home Renovations have come up with some of the obstacles you may face when presented with your new “old” home.

Issues With Foundation

If you are walking throughout your newly bought home and notice that the floor is uneven, it is important to call a home inspector to get it checked ASAP. Uneven floors can indicate both a structural problem and a foundational problem. If it is foundational, this could have a negative impact on the support of the home. If it is structural, it most likely has to do with the support beams that hold up your house.


Either way, you should have a professional look at this issue. This will point out any serious issues that may have to be addressed. Once they are addressed and properly fixed, you should have no problem with your home’s foundation for years to come.

Bug/Mice Problems

An infestation of termites, wasps or mice is something you would never want to deal with in the comfort of your own home! Unfortunately, however, this issue can be quite common with older homes, as there can be more nooks and crannies for these insects/animals to fall into. When you don’t attend to these problems, they can damage the structure of your home, as well as the mechanical systems such as the electrical and plumbing. When you notice a nest or animal in or on your home, be sure to call a pest/wildlife inspection company immediately. 

Plumbing Problems

This one may be pretty obvious, but the way in which plumbing is being built currently is drastically different from how it was done in the seventies. Most of these systems will not meet building code regulations which becomes a big problem down the road. A way to figure out if this issue is prevalent or not is by checking for musty smells in the basement, wet spots on the ceiling or any type of mold formations. 


Any house built before the sixties will most likely have galvanized pipes. These pipes are very susceptible to any type of corrosion, and can eventually result in weak or uneven water flow. It is best to replace all of your galvanized pipes with something like copper or PEX pipe in this case.


In general, the easiest way to detect any plumbing problems is by calling a professional to inspect them. They will look at the entire length of a pipeline to ensure that it is properly connected to the sewer and functioning properly. 

Damaged Roofing

Having a roof over your head means nothing if the roof isn’t functioning properly! Water spots on a ceiling or wall are the main indication that your roofing is damaged, so if you notice this, try getting a quick inspection done. Most roof inspectors will be able to point out problems such as cracked shingles and missing tiles. 

Electrical Issues

With all of these new advances in modern technology, you will need an electrical system that can keep up with all of the products’ electricity buzzing through your home. Century homes will most likely not have enough energy to supplement all of your home’s needs, so it is best to hire a professional to sort this problem out. By increasing a panel’s amperage with about 150-200 amps, you will get the necessary electricity for all of the things you enjoy/must do on a daily basis. 

How We Can Help

All of these obstacles can be taxing, and we here at iRemodel Home Renovations completely understand. When all of these problems are dealt with, however, you may need a renovation or construction project to spruce things up; that is where we come in. If you are in need of a home transformation, our experienced team of highly skilled contractors have got you covered. To learn about how to hire a Custom Home Builder in Toronto with us, be sure to call our team at (416) 825-2542 today!