Best Materials for Creating a Perfect Bathroom Vanity

Best Materials for Creating a Perfect Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom vanities are some of the most coveted pieces of furniture in a bathroom when buying a home. While you may use it for typical uses like washing your hands, you’ll also be able to go the extra mile and store extra things – whether on top or underneath. Because of the amount of humidity that comes into this environment, the installation process of the bathroom vanity is extremely imperative. In doing so, you can avoid warping or cracking issues with the humidity. Of course, the most imperative element of having the best bathroom vanity is to choose the best materials.

Marble and Granite

Two of the most popular choices when it comes to revamping a bathroom or a kitchen in a luxurious way, marble and granite may be more on the expensive side initially, but you can find some great pieces for a cheaper price as it’s becoming more popular and more common. One of the benefits of both materials is that they’re very durable. You’ll be able to use this vanity for decades to come without any stains or cracking occurring.

Beyond this, they also offer a sleek and luxurious appearance, despite how common it’s becoming. When you take care of this material proper, as well as the vanity, they can retain their beautiful appearance with ease, even though they’ll be exposed to years of wear.


Similar to marble and granite, Quartzite is less common, but may be more than your budget is willing to stretch; although, it depends entirely on where you get it. It’s worth noting that quartzite can handle heat, especially high heat, very well. It won’t retain any chemical or physical damage that it encounters. As we mentioned, since they are not extremely common, you’ll have to go to a top-dollar store to purchase them.


While not uncommon, tiles can be spruced up entirely by what type of tiles you put into them. Since they often feature a backsplash or tile of sort, tiles are typically lower quality because of their maintenance issues. Even though they’re inexpensive and can make an area look great, their durability isn’t as high as the aforementioned materials. Custom pieces can even be made extremely cheap because of the inexpensiveness of tiles; however, would you rather put in quality materials that will last you a long time, or waste a good chunk of money with non-durable materials?


You may have heard this a million times on HGTV: laminate! While great for the economy, as it’s the primary choice for those on a somewhat tight budget, vanities made of this material tend to look cheap and are more common than one may think. While they do come in a variety of finishes, it may be worth going the extra mile for aesthetics and resale value with marble, quartz, or granite.

At the end of the day, it’s all up to your personal liking, but the materials we’ve mentioned are durable and long-lasting, while provided an exceptional viewing experience. They please the eye with ease and may not be so out of your budget as other materials.

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