Designing a Beautiful Shower Enclosure

Designing a Beautiful Shower Enclosure

Planning for your new bathroom renovation means paying attention to every detail. We all have the perfect bathroom in our minds but how do we create that working with what we actually have? You don’t need to be a designer to plan the bathroom of your dreams – you just need to make sure you take into account some guidelines for planning.

The first thing to take into consideration is obviously the size of your bathroom. Adding a shower enclosure is a balancing act and you want to make sure the shower will fit into your space. If your existing bathroom is big, enough you may be able to adjust the positioning of the bathtub and fit the shower into a space that is created by moving the fixtures. If the bathroom is small, you may want to simply remove the tub completely and have a shower room. If neither of these is desirable of possible then you may want to research tub/shower units.

Most older bathrooms that are more traditional have the tub tucked against a wall or in the corner of two walls. If you bathroom is big enough why not think about moving the tub out from beyond the walls and having a freestanding slipper tub. You could then install a walk in shower with an array of showerheads and settings from rain showers to massaging jets.

In a smaller bathroom, you could create an entire wet room, tiling the space from top to bottom allowing for a freestanding shower base and choosing a modern styled glass door or divider. The door can be anything from traditional to a glistening stainless steel slider. The new frameless style doors are amazingly modern and allow you to have very large panes of glass keeping the feeling of light and spaciousness.

If you are working with a very small space, don’t forget to take into account the type of door. You may need a design that incorporates a bi-fold door or sliding doors on the enclosure. It is critical when thinking of how you want your bathroom to look that you determine whether or not the space will be able to work how you want it to.

Take a look at the positioning of the vanity unit or sinks as well as the toilet. Is there a way either of these fixtures can be moved or adjusted to make room for a shower enclosure? This might be the time to speak with a professional as some plumbing adjustments can cost a great deal to shift pipes and drains.

Before you go to a designer or hire a professional for the job go and check out bathroom designs at home stores near you. Research exactly the type of look you want for your bathroom re-design. Do you want a modern stainless steel look, or would you prefer a Victorian style room? There are so many design choices to pick from these days that you need to know what you want before you hire a professional to install a new bathroom.

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