Here at iRemodel Home Renovations we always aim to keep homeowners informed of the ins and outs of renovation. We are here to help you navigate the renovation process starting from the material selection down to contractor selection. If you are preparing for your first renovation or if you are simply implementing a new project, we can help. Here are 8 points you should check off your list before your project is underway.

Understand Your Budget

Knowing your budget is likely the most significant part of any renovation project. Understanding your financial limits will allow you to properly prioritize what you need during your renovation, and what can wait. A nice hot tub may be nice, but is it more important than your hardwood floors or new tile? Make sure to also plan for extra expenses such as price changes for materials or last-minute substitutions.

Section Your Project

If you are going to renovate your entire home, chances are you will not be staying on site. For those planning to remodel several different areas of the house, it is better to complete the work in small batches. This will allow you to focus on each portion without majorly disrupting your life.

Get Inspired

Your project should start with an extensive list of ideas. Take pictures of layouts you like, make a scrapbook of magazine clippings to follow, and you can even make a Pinterest board. Your inspiration boards and books will help you get your ideas across to your contractors.

Secure Your Permits

Depending on the scope of your renovation project, you may need to secure permits in advance of starting your project. If you are removing any load-bearing walls, altering a historical feature, or even upgrading a window in some cities, you will need a permit. You can check out your local government website to see if your work needs a permit and apply accordingly.

Choosing the Right Contractor

Your home is where your heart is, and therefore you should select your contractor with care. Get suggestions from your inner circle and also check out reviews online. Make sure to ask for certifications, licenses, and experience information before you sign any contracts. Ask for pictures of past work, get referrals and always secure an estimate before you make your final decision.

Price Check Your Materials

Materials make up a large bulk of your renovation budget, so it makes sense for you to shop around. The same materials from the same brand can have a different price depending on the provider. Look online, in-store, or even consider buying your materials from a wholesale dealer. Renovating can get costly quickly so try to cut costs whenever possible. Your contractor may also be able to give you insight as to where to source more affordable materials. Just make sure that you check to see if the quality is the same to avoid trouble down the road.

Inform Your Neighbours

Let’s face it, tearing down walls and rebuilding them tends to get a bit noisy. In order to prevent hurt feelings and angry neighbours make sure that you inform them well in advance before you launch your project. Take note of working hours and try to remain polite during the process to avoid animosity down the line.

Don’t Stress

Renovating is a stressful process but once you reach the finish line the result is well worth the hassle. Keep your patience in check and try not to worry about timelines and unavoidable changes.

How We Can Help

We are always here to offer you sound advice regarding renovations, upgrades, building, and more. If you want to find out more about how iRemodel Home Renovations can help with your project, give us a call at (416) 825-2542.