7 Ways to Transform Your Basement Space

7 Ways to Transform Your Basement Space

The basement of a home is a valuable space which can be used for more than just storage or a glorified maintenance closet. Many homeowners overlook the space thinking that it is unattractive or not intended for regular use. However iRemodel Home Renovations has a few suggestions for upgrades that will help transform your basement into a valuable space in your home. As one of the best in Toronto Home Renovation‘s, we have some great advice.

Let In Light

Basements by their particular natures are not placed in a way that allows in natural lighting. After all, they are built underground and it is uncommon for people to want to be in a dimly lit space during the daytime. One way to increase the light in your basement is to add light shafts, window wells, or artificial track lighting to bring life into the space.

Make It Welcoming

Turning the basement into a comfortable and cozy space can help dispel the cold cave-like feeling it naturally invokes. Paint the walls in bright cheery colors, add plush carpeting to the floor and decorate the space with comfortable furniture that invites visitors to curl up and relax. Plants that thrive on low sunlight or no sunlight are another way to bring life into the space.

Make It Fun

For those who have children, transforming the basement into an arcade is a great way to maximize the use of the space while also providing a protected environment for entertainment. Consider installing pinball machines, game tables, or even computer stations and video game centers.

Efficiency Rental

Some basements have their own private entrance which makes them perfect as a rental space. If you don’t have kids at home or have no interest in setting up an entertainment room, an efficiency rental is a smart option. Add a shower and a small kitchen and you are set to earn a small income instead of letting the basement space go to waste.

Fully Contained Playroom

If electronics are not your idea of fun, you can still transform the basement into a playroom for the kids. Ping pong tables also double as table tennis arenas, or if you have older kids even a pool table can offer loads of fun. Air hockey. Foosball and darts are more playroom options to consider.

Bring The Bar Home

Why head out for a night of libations when you can make your own custom bar at home? Create a bar with a built-in tap, an entertainment center to watch the game or even a small dance floor to rock the night away. Not only will you save on gas, drinks and the cover charge, but avoiding the roads while you are drinking is much safer too!

Hobby Area

Do you like to build things, sew, paint or practice another type of hobby? Your basement is the perfect design space to let your imagination run wild. Whatever hobby you may have can be fully explored when you have a space that is completely dedicated to the object of your obsessions.

How We Can Help

There are so many ways to transform your unused basement space into a productive part of your home. If you need design ideas, interior design direction or if you are ready to make some changes iRemodel Home Renovations is here to help. Give us a call at (416) 825-2542 to find out what we can do to transform your basement today.