There has never been a better time to invest in upgrades to your current home than now to help increase your home’s value. Many projects can help you create a home that is easier to sell and that will also give you a better ROI. iRemodel Home Renovations has seven suggestions for projects that will help improve the curb appeal of your property and enhance its value.

Open up or Connect Living Areas

Most modern buyers look for homes that have a full or partial open floor plan. You can remodel some or your entire home to include an open floor plan to have that aesthetic and increase the total property value. Knocking down a pass-through or the walls between living areas is the easiest way to create an open floor plan in an existing home. Open floor plans with open entryways are not only more welcoming, but they also make the space appear larger than it actually is.

Kitchen Backsplash & Flooring

Upgrading the floors and the backsplash in your kitchen is a quick and convenient way to transform its look. Backsplash not only brings in an attractive touch of color, but it will keep your walls safe from grease and water damage. Installing new flooring will help bring new life into your kitchen while also increasing the value of your home. It’s best to install flooring that is water resistant and easy to clean.

Curb Appeal Improvement

The exterior appearance has a great influence on if your home is going to attract new buyers or repel potential buyers. While the real character of the home is on the inside, if no one likes how it looks from the curb, they won’t be as interested. You can improve the landscaping, add siding, or even change the mailbox to boost the curb appeal of your property. All of these upgrades will maximize the outer aesthetics while also increasing the property value.

Update Your Kitchen Countertops

Your kitchen countertop is one of the easiest changes to make while it can also be one of the most dramatic changes. There is a wide range of colors, materials, finishes, and styles to choose from to fit just about any budget. Avoid choosing hard to clean countertops or overly niche designs that don’t match with the rest of your home. Quartz, Marble or even Formica are excellent options to consider.

Kitchen Cabinet Upgrade

Since you are already in the kitchen upgrading the countertops, you should equally consider upgrading your cabinets. If your cabinets are still in good condition, you can simply refinish the face or replace the doors. For older units, replacement is a good option that will improve the look and functionality of the kitchen space. Make sure to choose a style and finish that matches your countertops and the overall design in the rest of your kitchen.

Upgrade Kitchen Fixtures & Appliances

If you are not interested in changing the counters or cabinets, or if you want to change everything, appliances and fixtures are next on the list. Nothing screams value like a brand new refrigerator or stove in the kitchen. Changing your fixtures over to energy-efficient models with sleek designs will further improve the look and value of the home.

Bathroom Upgrades

Kitchen and bathroom upgrades are the most costly but also offer the best returns. With a Toronto bathroom renovation you can add new fixtures, lighting, paint, or even a skylight can be a great way to transform the space and boost your ROI.

How We Can Help

Any size Toronto home renovation project has the potential to increase the value of your home. If you are looking for tips or a qualified team for your upgrades, give iRemodel Home Renovations a call at (416) 825-2542 for more information.