Sometimes a different color is all you need to refresh the look of a room. But if that is not enough to give your bathroom the new look you want consider choosing a new countertop. The days of a single countertop choice are long gone and if you have had the same countertop for a number of years you may not know what is available today.

Before you settle on a type of countertop material, let’s take a look at the surfaces that are available and their pros and cons.


You may not be aware of the use of concrete as a material for countertops. Concrete is strong and will last for many years when properly taken care of. It can be formed into make different designed and is available in a variety of colors to match your design scheme. Because concrete is a porous material it will need to be sealed to protect the surface. Concrete countertops require the expertise of a professional for installation.


A natural stone, granite is a popular countertop material in both baths and kitchens. Available in a variety of colors granite will add a refreshing new look to the room. Granite is not affected by the moisture and humidity found in bathrooms and you will not have to worry about scratches when properly sealed. Heat resistance is another great feature with granite, no more fears when placing your hot curling iron on the countertop. Low maintenance and easy to clean a properly sealed granite countertop will last for many years. But the durability of granite comes with a high price tag and requires professional installation.


Laminate has been used for countertops for many years and you may remember hearing it called Formica in years past. This type of countertop is reasonably priced, is moisture and humidity resistant and is available in many colors and faux finishes including granite, wood, and marble. Laminate countertops are available in all home centers and can be installed by the homeowner. The downside of laminate is over time it will show signs of wear, the finish may become dull, and it is not heat resistant and care must be used when using hot appliances such as curling irons to prevent damage.


Marble has been used for centuries in construction and was the material of choice for the wealthy because of the cost. Today, marble has become for affordable and is being used in higher end bathrooms. Because it is long lasting, marble is a good investment and adaptable to the many styles of design. To protect the finish, marble must be properly sealed and this material also requires professional installation.


Tile has long been the choice for use in bathrooms. It is water and moisture resistant, is available in many colors and styles, and its smooth surface is easy to clean and disinfect. But tile has draw backs too care must be taken to prevent chips. If homeowners have the time, tile countertops can be a do-it-yourself project that can reflect your personality.

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